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13/02 - 15/02



FoM 17.0 BBQ

FoM 17.0 BBQ

Temporarily sold out!

Temporarily sold out!

Seatmap will open up!

Seatmap will open up!


If you order something on the Gamegear website now, you can choose to retrieve your item at FoM 17.0!  

Prepare for some fun. As first fast compo, Smite will open up his registrations starting from now!   Prize support has been provided by Hi-Rez Studio’s if at least 8 players are ...

At Frag-o-Matic 17.0 Prison we have a dresscode and as the title might suggest this will be ‘Prison’ On Saturday the 14th of February at 19h we invite you to dress up in your best outfit to ...

09-01-2015 CounterStrike: Global Offensive - Compo 17.0 15
08-01-2015 Seatmap is open! 0

This Frag-o-Matic there will be a cooperation of 666-gamers and FoM to give you a delicious BBQ! 666-gamers is known for their BBQ skills and people that know them will certainly know that this ...

We regret to announce to those who haven’t ordered a ticket yet that the stock of remaining tickets has decreased to zero at this moment. That means that you cannot order a ticket anymore on the ...

After a week filled with reservations, we'll open up the seatmap on Thursday January 8 at 20.00 (Belgian time). If you have more than 5 tickets and you would like to reserve a spot on the ...

29-12-2014 Reserve your spot on the seatmap! 8
22-12-2014 We're going to the slammer! 9

Now that our ticket sale has started, the compo team can't stay behind. It is with great pleasure that we announce our temporary compo list for FoM 17.0! Additional information like admins and ...

The launch of our ticket sales was a huge success this edition. In a stunning 1 minute and 10 seconds our VIP tickets sold out. Announcing the date and hour and not accepting any reservations for ...

Wednesday 10/12/2014 at 00:00 we will start selling our famous VIP and early bird tickets. Our VIP tickets were sold out pretty quick after the opening, so if you want to attend FoM 17.0 as a ...

08-10-2014 Survey Taikonaut 0

This was another successful edition of Frag-o-Matic. Let's take a look at who the victors are! CS:GO 5v5 Druckwelle eSports inetgamer Slightly Different Gaming League ...

14-09-2014 The funcompo poules 51
14-09-2014 Funcompo CSGO: let the games begin! 2

In case you forgot to get your free FoM T-shirt and the coupon for a free ice cream then you still can get yours at the helpdesk! This was possible thanks to the support from ...

13-09-2014 DX Racer rental/buy 0
13-09-2014 Stream CS : Go available 0
13-09-2014 CS:GO FUN contest 0
12-09-2014 FoMTV Streaming 2
12-09-2014 Tesoro Hearthstone prizes 0
12-09-2014 Info about the CS:GO compo 1
12-09-2014 Latest info about the compo's 0
12-09-2014 666-gamers present: HyperX Alien Arena 1
12-09-2014 Last minute tickets 0
11-09-2014 Be prepared before entering the Arena! 0
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