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Reserve a seat on the seatmap

Reserve a seat on the seatmap

666-gamers & FOM : BBQ 18.1

666-gamers & FOM : BBQ 18.1

Grand Compo's FoM 18.1

Grand Compo's FoM 18.1


The Seatmap is now open for all!   Players are now able to pick their own seats on the Seatmap. You can only pick a seat if a ticket has been assigned to you already.    The final ...

A lot of tickets have been sold the last couple of days and we are very proud to announce the winner of the AverMedia Ballista Trinity Sound System.   So congratulations Marco Verbeeck with ...

If you ordered less than 5 tickets, then scroll to the end of this newspost. But wait, there's more! Ordered 5 or more tickets? Then keep on reading! Starting tonight at 20:00, you can ...

07-07-2016 Last days to win AverMedia Sound System 0
22-06-2016 Win an AverMedia Ballista Sound System 0

  Also this edition of Frag-o-Matic, 666-gamers will serve you a delicious BBQ in co-op with FoM. They are known for their amazing BBQ skills and the people who know them will certainly ...

Our Grand Compos are the biggest and most competitive games played at FoM. Ofcourse these competitions will have the biggest prizes.   The list of Normal, Fast and Fun Compos will be ...

15-06-2016 VIP Frag-o-Matic 18.1 0

Friday 17/06/2016 at 20:00, the ticket sale of our famous VIP and Early Bird tickets will start!   Previous editions our VIP tickets were sold out in only a few hours after the opening. So ...

  Here’s our aftermovie to take you all back to an amazing FoM 18.0 weekend. We’d like to thank all participants, partners and crew once again for turning this into a great FoM ...

10-02-2016 Gamen Op Den Hof 0
06-02-2016 Kicker & airhockey compo 0
05-02-2016 Stay up to date @ FoM 18.0 0

Dear gamers! From the moment you arrive at FoM 18.0, you have put your pc in its place and you are ready to make this yet another fantastic lan party. Please be mindful of where you plug in your ...

05-02-2016 Helpdesk @ FoM 18.0: Egypt 0
05-02-2016 ASUS Hearthstone Competitie 0

This edition the FoM animation team has prepared some interesting activities for you.   DAY 1 Saturday 01h00 Opening act – main stage Saturday 01h00 Slave Olympics – main ...

01-02-2016 Roccat 0
01-02-2016 Sennheiser 0
01-02-2016 Gamegear 0
29-01-2016 Steelseries 0
28-01-2016 Razer 0
28-01-2016 Meet the Razer Mamba 0

We've just opened the registrations for the following compo's: CS:GO 5v5 League of Legends 5v5  Hearthstone Quake Live 1v1 Fifa 16 1v1 SC2: LotV 1v1 SC2: LotV 2v2 Rocket ...

21-12-2015 Frag-o-Matic 18.0 sold out 16

Again this edition of Frag-o-Matic, 666-gamers will serve you all a delicious BBQ in co-op with FoM. 666-gamers are known for their BBQ skills and people that know them will certainly confirm ...

Our temporary competition list for Frag-o-Matic 18.0 has been announced. Offcourse, since this is a temporary list, this list is still subject to changes. Grand CS:GO (5v5) League of ...

07-12-2015 Seatmap reservation 0
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