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16.1: Roman Empire


12/09 - 14/09


323 / 1000

Compo winners FoM 16.0 Airborne

Compo winners FoM 16.0 Airborne

Paincompo change of prizes

Paincompo change of prizes




Seatmap reservations will be opened for everyone on Wednesday, July 30th at 20h. If you already have a ticket, then you can make a seat reservation. (click on the "seats” icon on the right side ...

This afternoon we heard the sad news that Thiery Declerck, age 38, passed away totally unexpected. He leaves his wife and kid behind. Thiery was a member of the fom crew, more specific the ...

On Frag-o-Matic 16.0: Airborne we saw several people dressed for the occasion, so that's why we want to bring back the Costume Competition. We can't let the participants bring their best outfits ...

10-07-2014 Ticket sale clarification 8
08-07-2014 Temporary compo list FoM 16.1 20
06-07-2014 Ticket sale & info 0
12-06-2014 Frag-o-Matic 16.1: The Roman Empire 1
04-03-2014 WIN Tesoro prizes 0

After this edition of Frag-o-Matic we're all curious to know who won the competitions! CS:GO 5v5 Brussels Guardians Avenue eSports ELYSIUM GAMING League of Legends 5v5 AT ...

04-03-2014 Thank you volunteers! 1
02-03-2014 DX Racer chairs: Like the page 5
02-03-2014 Fractal Design: Blow My Ball 0
02-03-2014 StarCraft II HotS 1v1 results 1
02-03-2014 Awesome Retro: Propeller Arena 0
01-03-2014 Tt eSports Fly & Stick 1

There's a change of prizes for the Pain competition   Tones and Corsair are offering the winners the chance to choose the Corsair products themselves out the Corsair offering of Tones! This way ...

01-03-2014 Opening Ceremony 0
28-02-2014 DX Racer Gaming chairs @ FoM! 2

  For this edition we can welcome Samsung as one of our partners for Frag-o-Matic 16.0. They provide us with 4 SSD's of 750GB each! We will organize a few contests through our Facebook ...

3...2...1.. and we have a lift off.  Before you start packing for FOM, we want to give some in-flight instructions.Here is a checklist of what to bring to our event.    Lost your networkcable? ...

27-02-2014 4eSports at FoM 0
26-02-2014 Awesome Retro: Propeller Arena 0
26-02-2014 4Tech case throwing 0
26-02-2014 Fractal Design: Blow My Ball 0

On friday and saturday evening, Frag-o-Matic will host a quality broadcast on twitch.tv featuring exclusive interviews with high ranked teams, insights on the different competitions and tons of ...

26-02-2014 Enjoy summer with Temptation Carwash 0
26-02-2014 FUNC Tetrinet 0

We've already announced one of the opening show activities: the HyperX Stunt Pilot activity. Now we can reveal the second activity that will take place during the opening show. For now, it will ...

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