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16.1: Roman Empire


12/09 - 14/09


1000 / 1000

Free FoM T-Shirt by Teamspeak

Free FoM T-Shirt by Teamspeak

Sign-ups are open for the Grand Compo's

Sign-ups are open for the Grand Compo's

FoM 16.1 tickets temporary sold out

FoM 16.1 tickets temporary sold out


You probably have noticed in the previous news where we announced Steelseries as a premium partner. League of Legends will play an important role during FoM with a large LoL booth and a great ...

We already announced a few of our themed competitions, but even more are following! We can’t really go into detail about the Mionix Roman Horse Race... however, you might have noticed that it ...

As you could read on our fanpage on Facebook Teamspeak will be very active during our event! Next to a great prize sponsorship which we will announce on a later date they will provide us with ...

30-08-2014 Premium partner: SteelSeries 1

With just two weeks left until Frag-o-Matic 16.1: Roman Empire it is about time to open the sign-ups for our Grand Compo's. We're specifically talking about these compos: Corsair StarCraft ...

27-08-2014 Fractal Design: Menhir throwing 0
26-08-2014 Trackmania mappack release 0
26-08-2014 Roccat Kicker prizes 0
25-08-2014 FUNC Worms prizes 0
24-08-2014 Sponsor: Seasonic 0
24-08-2014 Corsair Starcraft II 1v1 prizes 0

We are impressed by the large demand for tickets this edition of FoM. We regret to announce to those who didn't order a ticket yet that the stock of remaining tickets has decreased to zero at ...

A while ago we announced our costume contest. We hope to welcome Romans, gladiators, centurions, Caesars and many others from the Roman Empire!   As an extra motivation we are adding some ...

21-08-2014 Razer Pain Games 0
21-08-2014 MadCatz Dota 2 prizes 0
20-08-2014 Roccat Trackmania prizes 0
20-08-2014 FUNC sponsor 0
17-08-2014 HIS sponsor 0
10-08-2014 Premium sponsor: Norton 0
10-08-2014 UPDATE: Speedseats.be: rent your DX Racer 0
09-08-2014 Fractal Design 0

  Thanks to Teamspeak we have our own FoM Teamspeak server of more than 500 slots! You can use this server during our event but as well in between events! Through this way we want to ...

With just only a good month left until the start of FoM we can announce the definitive competition list! Since our last update there has been one more change:   Hearthstone becomes a ...

28-07-2014 Opening seatmap reservations FoM 16.1 0
22-07-2014 Obituary 10
11-07-2014 Costume Competition 0
10-07-2014 Ticket sale clarification 9
08-07-2014 Temporary compo list FoM 16.1 21
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