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Overwatch (6 vs. 6)

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Final compo list & start of sign-ins

Final compo list & start of sign-ins

Temporary compo list FoM 19.1

Temporary compo list FoM 19.1

Steelseries Overwatch compo

Steelseries Overwatch compo

Final compo list & start of sign-ins

After some extra discussion it is with pride we present our final compo list!   Grand CS:GO (5v5) Hearthstone (1v1) League of Legends (5v5) Rocket League ...

Temporary compo list FoM 19.1

After some changes in the compo team structure, we proudly present you our temporary compo list! Note: changes in this list are still possible at any given ...

Steelseries Overwatch compo

What better news to announce on a Sunday than a new compo partner?   The Overwatch Normal Compo (6V6) will be sponsored by Steelseries this ...

Overwatch and StarCraft registrations open!

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Overwatch prize announcement

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Rulebook Overwatch 6v6 Compo

1. General Rules

See → http://www.fom.be/contents/view/general-competition-rules

2. Overwatch General Rules

  1. Games will be played on the official European server.

  2. Every player needs to have an active Overwatch license in good standing on their BattleNet account.

  3. All teams must list the BattleTag of at least the Team Captain in the team’s ‘notes’ field. Preferably all players’ BattleTags are listed here in case of an AFK of the Team Captain.

  4. Only players registered to a team can play for this team.

  5. Players are not allowed to register for multiple teams.

  6. A team consist of a maximum of 6 players. Teams are allowed to play matches with less than 6 players, but in that case the opponent team is allowed to play as 6.

  7. The Team Captain is responsible for his team and all players in his team. Communication between teams and Admins will go through them. In case of a conflict, both Team Captains will report to the Admin at the Compo Desk.

  8. Teams are responsible for their own technical issues (hardware/internet). Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues and matches will be played nevertheless. If the maximum pause time is exceeded, the game goes on, even if the issue is not solved yet.

3. Compo Format

  1. Tournament Format

Rule set: Competitive

Game mode:

  • Group phase: Best of One

  • Bracket phase: Best of One

  • Quarter & Semi Finals: Best of Three

  • Finals: Best of Five

    Map rotation: Single map

    Return to lobby: After a game

    Map: See 3.1.2

    Heroes: See 3.1.3

    Gameplay options: See 3.1.4

General Rules:

  • Escort and Hybrid maps are decided by either pushing the payload further than the other team or reaching the final checkpoint faster.

  • In case of a tie on Assault, Hybrid or Escort a preset Best of Three Control map (known as the decider map) is to be played. The winner of the Control map will win the tied map.

  • Recordings and/or screenshots from each round are required.


2. Maps

    Normal map pool:

  • King's Row

  • Numbani

  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar

  • Dorado

  • Hanamura

  • Temple of Anubis

  • Volskaya

  • Hollywood

  • Route 66


    Decider map pool:

  • Ilios

  • Lijiang Tower

  • Nepal


    Map selection: Map veto as described in 4.1.

3. Heroes

    All heroes are currently allowed

    Hero selection limit: 1 per team

    Role selection limit: none

    Allow hero switching: On

    Respawn as random hero: Off


4. Gameplay & Team Options

High bandwidth: On

Control game mode format: Best of 5

Health modifier: 100%

Damage modifier: 100%

Healing modifier: 100%

Ultimate charge rate modifier: 100%

Respawn time modifier: 100%

Ability cooldown modifier: 100%

Disable skins: Off

Disable health bars: Off

Disable kill cam: On

Disable kill feed: Off

Headshots only: Off

Team balancing: Off

4. Match workflow

  1. Before the match

    • Both teams must be available behind their computers in full at the designated times of their matches. A 15 minute grace period applies.

    • The Team Captain of both teams add each other on Battle.net to create a lobby. Each Team Captain then invites their team into the match.

    • The highest seeded team chooses whether they want to start the banning phase or pick the first side of the first map.

    • The map pick veto starts. Maps will be banned one by one from the normal map pool (alternating between the teams) until the necessary amount of maps remain.

    • The team who would have had the next map veto picks which map is played first. Then the pick order is alternated.

    • Lastly, a decider map is picked. Again the highest seeded team starts the banning process until there is one map left. This will be the decider map.

    • The match starts when both Team Captains signify that their team is ready.

  2. During the games

  • No unapproved programs may be running during any matches. Acceptable programs may be determined by an admin, but generally include: music, hardware monitoring, antivirus.

    • Players may not communicate with anyone during their games besides their team, opponents and admins.

    • Pauses for issues not related to either connection or hardware issues are not allowed. Pausing the game without a valid reason will result in a warning.

    • Each team can pause for a maximum of 10 minutes during the entire match (over all maps).

    • In the case that a player disconnects, the team is allowed to continue to play the match at a disadvantage. A rehost of the game will only take place if the disconnect takes place in the first minute of the game.

    • Players are allowed to chat in a tournament game. They’ll have to do this in a proper way and do it with good sportsmanship. Inappropriate chatter will result in a warning.

    • Observers are allowed only if both teams agree. Exceptions to this rule are, admins and people that are given permission by an admin (e.g. shoutcasters or streamer).

  • Between games

    • The next map has to be played as soon as possible. Small restroom breaks are allowed as long as they don’t exceed 5 minutes.

    • The loser of the previous map chooses the starting side on the next map.

    • In case of a tie on a single map, the decider map has to be played. This is a Control Point map in a BO3 format. The winner of this decider map wins the previously tied map.

  • After the match

    • Both Team Captains fill in the match score on the website.

    • Both teams need to be able to show evidence of the result of the match, either in the form of a screenshot or a recording. This evidence must be kept until the end of the tournament. Not being able to provide this to an admin’s request will result in a warning.

    • In case of a conflict the admin is notified by the team captain, within 5 minutes after the end of the last map played.

  • Conflicts

    • During a conflict both team captains report to the compo desk. Only the team captains and admins will resolve the issue.

    • When a decision has been made and accepted by both captains and admins, this decision is final and the case is closed.

    • When a compromise cannot be met, the head admin will take a final decision. This decision is final and the case is closed.

    • The admins can make decision outside of these rules when necessary.

  • Warnings and disqualifications

    • In case of extreme violations of the rules, teams can and will be disqualified from the tournament.

    • Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. If an admin determines a player is cheating their entire team will be immediately disqualified and removed from the tournament and this player may be restricted from participating in future events.

      1. Looking at your opponents monitor is also considered cheating.

      2. Collusion and match fixing: teams are not allowed to intentionally alter the results of any match. If an admin determines matches were fixed, the offending team(s) will be immediately disqualified and removed from the tournament and may be restricted from participating in future events. Players must compete to the best of their abilities at all times (fair play!).

    • When a team has received 2 warnings they will be disqualified from the tournament.

5. Admin Details

Main Admin:

Name:                    Jelco Adamczyk

Nickname:             Duval

BattleTag:                Duval#2744

E-mail:                    duval@fom.be