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21/02 - 23/02



FIFA 17 (1 vs. 1)



Wie het eerste 2 potjes wint. Bij Gelijkspel Verleningen en penalty’s 

Finale 12u30 Compo Desk Ps4

Troostfinale 12u30 Vip Area 


Bij vragen of problemen kom naar de Compo Desk. 


Deze compo start op zaterdag 10u

Schedule Online !! Check it before 10AM. 
If you are more then 5 minutes late at ur game it’s Forfait. No exceptions. If you can not play the game at the given time then come to the compo desk 45min in advance to reschedule your game. 

Please try to be 5 min in advance. The PS4 Compo Desk Playstation is located at the Game Inn Stand. Next to the sleeping area. 

FIFA Cup tournament Torhout 23 March

FIFA Cup tournament Torhout 23 March

Sign up for the compos!

Sign up for the compos!

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FoM 19.1 MSRP prizes announcement

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Best 2 teams of each poule will progress to the next round.

w: wars won | l: wars lost | d: draw wars | rw: rounds won | rl: rounds lost

Poule D

Standings W D L RW RL
1. D!ablo 3 0 0 8 0
2. ponny 2 0 1 6 5
3. star 1 0 2 6 6
4. Togo 0 0 3 1 10

1st place


2nd place


3rd place

1. General Rules: 


2. Competition Rules: 


2.1 Compo overview: 

Game Version: FIFA 17 for PS4  


Competition Method: 1 vs. 1 

Player changes and strategy changes are limited to  3 times during the game. (The changes before the start of first and second half are not included in this count.) You can Only pause the game when the ball is Outside the play and you have the ball yourselfIf you pause the game on another moment when the ball is still in play ( like in a Counter attack ) You will lose the game because of unfair behaviour.  

2.2 Sign in: 

All players must be registered before Friday 9PM. 

2.3 Compo Rules: 


The officially licensed FIFA 17 product must be used with all its official updates. 

The teams and players abilities cannot be modified arbitrarily. We play with the latest online updates  

Players on both sides must select the options before they begin the game. The match result will be accepted even if the playersduring or after the match, find out each other’ssettings were different from the official settings. 

First there will be a group stage and after a Knock out fase.  

First two of the group will advance, when there are 2 players with the same amount of points we first look at theire duel. The winner of that will proceedwhen this is a tie we look at goal difference if this is a tie we look at the Goals scored and after that we will look at goals conceedIf all is a Tie the players have to play a rematch against each other 


Custom Formations: 

*1. All players are obligated to use the predetermined Formations from EA. Using a self created formations is strictly forbidden! 2. Not following this rule will be punished with one (1) penalty point. In addition%3

Poule A 
10u00 - RockeTT VS KllyVe - PS4 Compo Desk
11u00 KllyVe VS Fr3aky - Ps4 Compo Desk
12u00 KllyVe VS Greatfather - Compo Desk
13u15 Fr3aky VS Greatfather - Compo Desk
13u45 RockeTT VS Fr3aky - Compo Desk
15u15 RockeTT VS Greatfather - Compo Desk 
15u15 frekeleonolivera VS KllyVe - Vip Area
10u00 frekeleonolivera VS Fr3aky - PS4 Vip Area
11u00 frekeleonolivera VS Greatfather - PS4 Vip Area
12u00 frekeleonolivera VS RockeTT- Vip Area
Poule B 
10u15 Blake-Revenge VS Madnessnorlax - PS4 Compo Desk
 11u15 Madnessnorlax VS Icedchief - PS4 Compo Desk
13u30 Madnessnorlax VS xivit - Compo Desk
14u00 Icedchief  VS xivit - Compo Desk
12u15 Blake-Revenge VS Icedchief - PS4 Compo Desk
15u00 Blake-Revenge VS xivit - Compo Desk
14u45 ECV.MaZZie VS Madnessnorlax - Compo Desk
15u30 ECV.MaZZie VS Icedchief - Compo Desk
12u30 ECV.MaZZie VS xivit - Compo Desk
14u15 ECV.MaZZie VS Blake-Revenge - Compo Desk 
Poule C 
 10u30 micromat VS StarfXcker - Compo Desk
11u30 StarfXcker VS ECV.MrGeek- Compo Desk
12u45 micromat VS ECV.MrGeek - Compo Desk
14u 30 Hendrik Lamar VS ECV.MrGeek - Vip Area
12u45 Hendrik Lamar VS StarfXcker - Vip Area
11u30 Hendrik Lamar VS micromat - PS4 Vip Area 
Poule D 
10u 45 star VS ponny - PS4 Compo Desk
11u45 ponny VS D!ablo - Compo Desk
13u00 star VS D!ablo - Compo Desk
10u45 Togo VS D!ablo - PS4 Vip area
13u00 Togo VS ponny - Vip Area
11u45 Togo VS star - Vip Area