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League of Legends (1 vs. 1)

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Final compo list & start of sign-ins

Final compo list & start of sign-ins

Temporary compo list FoM 19.1

Temporary compo list FoM 19.1

League of Legends Registration & Semi-Pro

League of Legends Registration & Semi-Pro

Final compo list & start of sign-ins

After some extra discussion it is with pride we present our final compo list!   Grand CS:GO (5v5) Hearthstone (1v1) League of Legends (5v5) Rocket League ...

Temporary compo list FoM 19.1

After some changes in the compo team structure, we proudly present you our temporary compo list! Note: changes in this list are still possible at any given ...

League of Legends Registration & Semi-Pro

League of Legends registration closes at 21u00. Shortly after that you’ll see the poules come online. The Tournament officially starts at 23u00, be ready!   Don’t ...

Compo prizes FOM 19.0 announced!

All prizes are available on the compo pages! Grand  Competitions: CS:GO 5v5 LoL 5v5 Hearthstone 1v1 Rocket League 3v3 Normal ...

League of Legends compo registrations open!

From now on you can sign up for the League of Legends Grand Compo (5V5) and Fast Compo (1V1) at FoM 19.0!   How do you sign up? You sign up by going to the Grand ...

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League of Legends: 1v1 Compo - Rulebook FoM 19.1

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1. General rules

  • Be sure to read the general rulebook. These are the main rules of Frag-o-Matic and should always be respected.

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2 - Competition rules

2.1 - Compo Overview

  • Title: League of Legends 1v1
  • Size: Fast
  • Max teams: 128
  • Gametype: 1v1

2.2 - Sign In

  • Sign in will close: Saturday at 11:00
  • Tournament will start: Saturday at 13:00
  • Every player must add their League of Legends summoner name, seat number and clan tag to the team description!
  • There can only be one player per team.

2.3 - Compo Rules

  • Game Settings:
    • Map: Howling Abyss
    • Team size: 1
    • Game Type: Blind Pick
    • Name: FoM 1v1 player a vs player b
    • Password: fom
  • Bans:
    • Before the game, in the lobby chat each player bans 3 champions.
    • Each player bans a champion alternating between players until there are 6 bans total.
    • Take a screen shot of the bans to avoid any confusion later.
    • These 6 champions may not be played by either of the players.
  • Regame:
    • A regame is allowed if both players agree it is needed to play a fair and balanced match. 
    • If a player cannot connect to a game before it has started because of a bug, the game has to be restarted. A screenshot of the bug is required!
  • Schedule Problems:
    • The schedule must be followed. If a game hasn’t started within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time, the admin may decide to forfeit the game. If both players are absent, both players may be forced to forfeit their game.
    • To avoid forfeiting when the opposing team doesn’t show. Take a screenshot the game lobby with the correct name and password and if possible invites to the opposing team. Contact the compo admin as soon as you have this screenshot.
  • New & reworked champions:
    • New & reworked champions are banned for 14 days, starting the day they are released.
    • if a champion is banned because of this rule during any match of the tournament, the champion will be banned for the entire tournament.
    • Banned champions:
      • None
  • Cheats:
    • Any actions, that results in an unfair advantage, are illegal.
    • This includes bug abuse of any kind.
  • Disconnects:
    • If a player disconnects during a game and is unable to re-connect to finish the game, that disconnecting player forfeits the game.
    • There will be NO exceptions regardless of when the disconnect occurred. If both players disconnect the game must be replayed immediately without a break between games.
  • Win Conditions:
    • First blood
    • First tower killed
    • First to 100 creep score
    • Take a screenshot of your victory
  • Contacting the Compo Admin:
    • You can contact the admin in game via their summoner name listed below.
    • If you can't contact the admin online, visit the compo desk.

2.4 - Compo Structure

  • Brackets: Poule and Single Elimination
  • Finals: BO3 starts from Semi-finals

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3 - Admin Details

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The admin is allowed to change these rules at any time without any notification.
The admin is allowed to overrule the rulebook.

League of Legends: 1v1 Compo - Schedule FoM 19.1



Round 1: Saturday 13:00 – 14:30

Round 2: Saturday 14:30 – 16:00

Round 3: Saturday 16:00 – 17:30

Round 4: Saturday 17.30 – 18.00


Round 1 (64 players): Saturday 18:30 – 20:00

Round 2 (32 players): Saturday 20:00 – 21:30

Round 3 (16 players): Saturday 21:30 – 23:00

Round 4 (8 players): Saturday 23:00 – 00:30


Semi Final: Saturday 00:30 – 02:00

Final: Sunday 13:00