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Kicker (2 vs. 2)


Final compo list & start of sign-ins

Final compo list & start of sign-ins

Temporary compo list Frag-o-Matic 18.0

Temporary compo list Frag-o-Matic 18.0

The gods of FoM 17.1: Heaven

The gods of FoM 17.1: Heaven

Final compo list & start of sign-ins

After some extra discussion it is with pride we present our final compo list!   Grand CS:GO (5v5) Hearthstone (1v1) League of Legends (5v5) Rocket League ...

FoM 18.1 Compos

FoM 18.1 will be all about exciting compos and games once again. We already announced the Grand Compos, but you will also be able to sign up for a lot of other compos. Here ...

Temporary compo list Frag-o-Matic 18.0

Our temporary competition list for Frag-o-Matic 18.0 has been announced. Offcourse, since this is a temporary list, this list is still subject to ...

The gods of FoM 17.1: Heaven

After a rough weekend some victors have awoken amongst the mere mortals. CounterStrike: Global Offensive 5v5 DeadPixels unKnights Sentinel TV ...

CS:GO 5v5 sign-ups

The maximum particpant limit of 64 teams for the CS:GO competition have been reached.   If you would still like to sign up your team  for the CS:GO competition ...

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1. General rules


  • Be sure to read the general rulebook. These are the main rules of Frag-o-Matic and should always be respected.


2 - Competition rules


2.1 - Compo Overview

  • Title: Kicker
  • Size: Fun
  • Max teams: 32
  • Gametype: 2v2


2.2 - Sign In

  • Sign in will close saturday at 13:00
  • Tournament will start saturday at 14:00


2.3 - Compo Rules

  • Payment:
    • Both players put €1 on the table.
    • One coin is used to pay for the game.
    • The winner of the game may take the remaining €1 back.
    • If both coins are needed to pay for the game the winner does not receive €1.
    • If more than two coins are required, repeat this process.
  • General Rules:
    • You receive a point once the ball is in the goal.
    • The team that was scored against receives the ball.
    • The game starts with the ball stopped at the middle player of the five-man rod. The ball has to be touched by 2 different players on the same rod.
    • Spinning the rods is not allowed.
    • If you cause the ball to go off the table, your opponent receives the ball at the center of the table.
    • Breaks aren’t allowed, play the matches as fast as possible.
    • Don’t stall or waste time.
  • Schedule Problems:
    • The schedule must be followed. If a game hasn’t started within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time, the admin may decide to forfeit the game. If both teams are absent, both teams may be forced to forfeit their game.
    • To avoid forfeiting when the opposing team doesn’t show, contact the compo admin as soon as possible.
  • Cheats:
    • Any actions, that results in an unfair advantage, are illegal.
  • Picking Sides:
    • Sides are determined by cointoss.
  • Win Conditions:
    • The team that reaches 11 goals first wins.


2.4 - Compo Structure

  • Brackets: Single elimination


3 - Admin Details


  • If you have any questions or issues please visit the compo desk.

Every match that is not completed before the below end time may be forfeited at the admins discretion.
Want to make sure you can keep playing? Be the first ones to play!

Round 1: Saturday 22:00 – Everyone who has not played a match before this time will forfeit due to a lack of time.

Round 2: Sunday 02:00

Round 3: Sunday 11:00

Semi-Finals: Sunday 14:00

Finals: Sunday 15:00