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Heroes of the Storm (5 vs. 5)

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Final compo list & start of sign-ins

Final compo list & start of sign-ins

Final compo list & start of sign-ins

After some extra discussion it is with pride we present our final compo list!   Grand CS:GO (5v5) Hearthstone (1v1) League of Legends (5v5) Rocket League ...

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1. General Rules:

See → http://www.fom.be/contents/view/general-competition-rules

2. Competition Rules:

In case of uncertainty => follow the ESL rulebook

2.1 Compo Overview:

Title: Heroes of The Storm

Size: Fun

Max teams: 32

Gametype: 5v5

2.2 Sign In:

Sign in will close Saturday at 09:00
Compo will start Saturday at 10.00

2.3 Compo Rules:

Game Settings:

Map: picks and bans
Team size: 5
Allow Spectators: All
Game Type: custom standard
ssword: fom

Disconnects / Pausing:

  • Pausing the game is only allowed if a player disconnects or has serious hardware problems.

  • Before unpausing the game, both teams have to agree in all chat.

  • A pause can last a maximum of 10 minutes.

  • If a pause lasts longer than 5 minutes contact the compo admin.

  • If the problem isn’t fixed after 10 minutes, the compo admin can decide to forfeit the match.

  • Abuse of the pause function in any way, will lead to a forfeit or even disqualification.



A regame is allowed if both players agree it is needed to play a fair and balanced match.
Both players play the same God.

If a player cannot connect to a game before it has started because of a bug, the game has to be restarted. A screenshot of the bug is required!

Schedule Problems:

The schedule must be followed. If a game hasn’t started within 90 minutes of the scheduled match time, the admin will decide which player will forfait the game. If both players are absent, both players will forfait their game.
To avoid forfeiting when the opposing player doesn’t show. Take a screenshot of your game lobby with the correct name and password and an invite to the opposing player. Contact the compo admin as soon as you have this screenshot.

Participating in Multiple Competitions

It is allowed to participate for other compos. If however you fail to start a match in time, for any reason, the admin can decide to forfeit the match.


All Heroes are allowed


Spectators are allowed only if both players agree to it.
Only invite spectators you trust. Once a game has started protests against spectators will no longer be allowed.

FoM admins or people assigned  by an admin, like shoutcasters, are allowed to spectate any match. It can’t be refused to invite an admin or someone assigned by an admin.


Any actions that results in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug abuse of any kind.


Win Conditions:

  • Defeat opponents core

Ingame Chat:

To make it easier to find your opponent every player MUST be present in the chatroom “HOTS FOM” during the tournament.

Contacting the Compo Admin:

You may contact the admin "Channi#2218" in-game.
If you can't contact the admin online, come to the compo desk and ask for Channi.

2.4 Compo Stucture:

Brackets: double elimination best of 3

Maps: every team bans a map then hosting team choses 1 map, after that the other team choses a map, if it ends in a draw aftter those 2 rounds: SKY TEMPLE will be the default map

Finals: BO3

2.5 Head Admin Details:

Name: Channi

Nickname / Game Account: Channigami / Channi#2218

E-mail: channi@fom.be


The admin is allowed to change these rules at any time without notification.

 Final check in at Saturday 09:00.

  • Double Elimination bracket play starts at Saturday 10:00

10:00 – 11:30      Round 1 (ro8)

 12:00 – 13:30      Round 2 (ro4 + loser brackets round 1)

 14:00 - 15:30      Final winner bracket & loser brackets round 2