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League Of Legends Semi Pro (5 vs. 5)




Circus E-Sport Tour League of Legends

Circus E-Sport Tour League of Legends

FoM 20.1 Grand Compo Cash Prizes

FoM 20.1 Grand Compo Cash Prizes

Sign up for the compos!

Sign up for the compos!

Circus E-Sport Tour League of Legends

Frag-o-Matic is partnering up with Circus E-Sport Tour! Circus will be providing the Circus E-sport Tour League of Legends compo (grand) at Frag-o-Matic 20.1 with 1000€ in ...

FoM 20.1 Grand Compo Cash Prizes

We bring good news! Today we announce the cash prizes for the Grand compo’s during Frag-o-Matic 20.1!  Wanna know what you are battling for? Scroll ...

Sign up for the compos!

Do not forget to sign up for the compos you want to participate in!   The registrations for the Grand Compos will close around 22h00!   You can sign up for the ...

FoM 19.1 MSRP prizes announcement

Just like every other edition there are also a lot of MSRP prizes to win apart from the cash prizes for the Grand Compos. With each compo you participate in, you have a ...

FoM 19.1 Grand Compo Cash Prizes

FoM is approaching and off course you want to know what prizes (and prize money) you can win if you participate in on of our competitions!   We summed them up for you! ...

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Normal Compo Pro Prizes


1st place


5x Arctis 5 Black



2nd place



5x Trutle Beach Grip Arena Mouse



3rd place



5x LoL Funko PoP  (Ashe, Lee Sin, Braum, Jinx, Vi)


5x Kingston HyperX Fury S Muismat Small

League of Legends: Normal Compo - Rulebook FoM 19.1

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1. General rules

  • Be sure to read the general rulebook. These are the main rules of Frag-o-Matic and should always be respected.

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2 - Competition rules

2.1 - Compo Overview

  • Title: League of Legends 5v5
  • Size: Normal
  • Max teams: 64
  • Gametype: 5v5

2.2 - Sign In

  • Sign in will close friday at 21:00.
  • Tournament will start friday at 23:00
  • Every team must add all of their League of Legends summoner names and seat numbers to the team description!
  • There may only be 7 players in a team. Only the registered player can play for the team.
  • 5 main players and 2 backup players.

2.3 - Compo Rules

  • Game Settings:
    • Map: Summoner’s Rift
    • Team size: 5
    • Allow Spectators: All
    • Game Type: Tournament Draft
    • Name: FoM 5v5 team a vs team b
    • Password: fom
  • Bans:

    • We will be using the 10-ban system being used in the LCS.
    • This means both sides begin with banning 3 champs each (Ban Phase 1).
    • Then there will be some picks (Pick Phase 1). Blue picks first, red picks twice, blue picks twice and then red picks once again.
    • After that there’s a second ban phase (Ban Phase 2), where the two sides alternate bans back and forth, starting with red side.
    • There’s then a final pick phase (Pick Phase 2), where red picks once, blue picks twice and red picks one final time.
  • Disconnects / Pausing:
    • Pausing the game is only allowed if a player disconnects or has a serious issue.
    • Before unpausing the game, both teams have to agree in all chat.
    • If a pause lasts longer than 5 minutes contact the compo admin.
    • During a pause every player remains at his seat, ready to continue the game. The team captain on each team is allowed to contact the compo admin.
    • Abuse of the pause function in any way, may lead to a forfeit.
  • Regame:
    • A regame is allowed if both teams agree it is needed to play a fair and balanced match.
    • Everyone plays the same champion, uses the same summoner spells, runes and masteries.
    • If a player cannot connect to a game before it has started because of a bug, the game has to be restarted. A screenshot of the bug is required!
  • Schedule Problems:
    • The schedule must be followed. If a game hasn’t started within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time, the admin may decide to forfeit the game. If both teams are absent, both teams may be forced to forfeit their game.
    • To avoid forfeiting when the opposing team doesn’t show. Take a screenshot of your entire team in a game lobby with the correct name and password and if possible invites to the opposing team. Contact the compo admin as soon as you have this screenshot.
  • New & reworked champions:
    • New & reworked champions are banned for 14 days, starting the day they are released.
    • If a champion is banned because of this rule during any match of the tournament, the champion will be banned for the entire tournament.
    • Banning the new champion in a game counts as a normal ban.
    • Banned champions:
      • None
  • Spectators:
    • Spectators are allowed only if both teams agree to it.
    • Only invite spectators you trust. Once a game has started protests against spectators will no longer be allowed.
    • Admins or people assigned by an admin, like shoutcasters, are allowed to spectate any match. It can’t be refused to invite an admin or someone assigned by an admin.
  • Missing Player:
    • You need 5 players on a team to play a match.
    • If a team is missing a player, the admin may decide to forfeit the game.
  • Cheats:
    • Any actions, that results in an unfair advantage, are illegal.
    • This includes bug abuse of any kind.
  • Picking Sides:
    • The higher seeded team chooses which side they play.
    • if this is unclear, please contact an admin.
  • Win Conditions:
    • A team wins a game by destroying the opposing Nexus or forcing the other team to surrender.
    • Both teams are required to take a screenshot of the after game lobby.
    • Keep this screenshot saved on your computer during the tournament.
  • Contacting the Compo Admin:
    • You can contact the admin in game via their summoner name listed below.
    • If you can't contact the admin online, visit the compo desk.

2.4 - Compo Structure

  • Groupstages: Groups of 4 and 3 teams.
  • Two teams of each group continue to the brackets.
  • Brackets: Double elimination
  • Semi-Final: BO3
  • Final: BO5

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3 - Admin Details

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The admin is allowed to change these rules at any time without any notification.
The admin is allowed to overrule the rulebook.

League of Legends: Normal Compo - Timetable FoM 19.1

Upper Bracket: Best of 3

Quarterfinals: Saturday 11:00

Semi-finals: Saturday 15:00

Upper bracket finals: Saturday 21:00


Lower Bracket: Best of 1

Round of 8A: Saturday 13:00

Round of 8B: Saturday 14:30

Round of 4A: Saturday 20:30

Round of 4B: Saturday 22:00

Lower bracket semifinals: Saturday 23:30

Lower bracket finals: BEST OF 3 Saturday night 1:00


Finals: Best of 5 (Winner upper bracket finals starts with 1-0 lead)
Sunday 11:00