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07/09 - 09/09



Retro (1 vs. 1)


The retro compo will be hosted at the compo desk.

This is also a sunday exclusive tournament.

Tournament will start Sunday 10:30 AM at the compo desk (this can be delayed because of 1 console)

Before Sunday 10 AM, you can test the game out, come to the como desk to try the game..

Game will be: CTR (crash team racing) for the ps1 (1v1)

You will be set in a timeslot, if you aren’t there when its you’re timeslot, you’re disqualified.

Timeslot will be avaible on schedule page.

There’s a check in, please come to the compo desk to secure your spot.

We ask when you participate or practise to deliver us a token of identity (identity card, driver license)

Admin has the right to change schedule and rules/discription/news at any point!

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Compo change

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1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Single elimination:

if there are more then 16 players and less then 24 the first 16 signed up players are able to join.

Please come even if you signed in later, there can be a spot for you if theres someone not showing up.



Best 8 players (BO3)

13:00: Dwarcake vs graineag

13.30: potigax vs HustlerDoge

14.00: Zerobeam vs Kief

14.30: Exonuz vs Neglexis

Best 4 players (BO3)

15.00: graineag vs HustlerDoge

3rd place: (BO3)


1st and 2nd place: (BO5)