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06/09 - 08/09



Tetris Attack online (1 vs. 1)

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Tetris Attack download Link change

If you want to join the Tetris Attack one compo, you have to download the game via the upcoming Dropbox URL.   This way you can join our server a practise against ...

Compo change

Due to the lack of interest, the retro compo Shovel Knight will be replaced by Tetris Attack online (1v1). The download link will be available on the compo page of ...

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Your IGN has to be the same as your FoM account name. do this through the default name option

You both start at level 1 with character of choice.

Don’t play ranked, play casual for this tournament.

It is always a BO9, first to win 5 games, wins his match.

Download file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dznygm0q0zzmqxa/panel.zip?dl=0

connect to the fom-lan to battle your rival.

Admin: Lenzo and channigami
You can contact us at the compo desk on the event

Start of tournament will be 12PM on saturday

BO32: 12PM-4PM

BO16: 8PM-11PM

BO8: 11PM-2AM

BO4: Sunday 10AM-1PM

Final and 3rd place: 2PM

If you and your opponent wanne do your match before official start, no worries, its allowed.