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07/09 - 09/09



Fortnite (1 vs. 1)


Submit qualifier screenshots & details HERE

Surprise compo!

Surprise compo!

Surprise compo!

We are excited to announce that Frag-o-Matic 20.1 will have a Fortnite compo!   With a total of 320 spots, it’s best to sign up quickly.  

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Fortnite compo - Rulebook FoM 20.1

For the fortnite compo, a different-than-usual format will be used. Some things will depend on the amount of participants.

0. Format brief
Depending on the amount of participants, the competition will have some small changes.
If more then 80 participants subscribe, participants will be divided into sub-compo's, with a maximum of 320 participants.
This is mostly for administrative purposes, and helps to communicate the server details to each player.
Each participant in a sub-compo is in fact still participating for the fortnite compo!
Here is a shortlist of the format:

0.1 0-80 participants

  • 5 qualifier games
  • Top 5 each game qualifies for the finals (25 participants total)
  • 3 final games (See 2. Finals)

0.2 80-160 participants

  • 5 qualifier games over 2 servers
  • Top 5 each game qualifies for the finals (50 participants total)
  • 3 final games (See 2. Finals)

0.3 160-240 participants

  • 5 qualifier games over 3 servers
  • Top 3 each game qualifies for the finals (45 participants total)
  • 3 final games (See 2. Finals)

0.4 240-320 participants

  • 5 qualifier games over 4 servers
  • Top 2 each game qualifies for the finals (40 participants total)
  • 3 final games (See 2. Finals)

1. Qualifiers
In order to qualify for the finals, 5 qualifier games will be played. Each qualifier the top participants immediate access to the finals.
To qualify, be on the top in any of the qualifier games.

Once you are qualified, you will be temporarily removed from the compo, since you qualified for the finals already. You cannot play any other qualifier games anymore (In order to allow other people to qualify!!)

For the qualifiers, a key will be shared using the FoM messaging system. Keep an eye out for those keys. Each match will use a different key!
To repeat: Once you're in the top participants in any qualifier match, DO NOT play any more qualifiers.

1.2 Submit scores
If you have finished in the top of a qualifier (see 0. Format brief), you have to take a screenshot. This is the proof you finished where you did.
This screenshot and some details need to be sent to the following google docs form HERE
You will automatically go to the finals at that point.
If you did not end in the top for your qualifier, please do not submit any screenshots or details about your performance!

1.3 Servers/format
For the qualifiers, each server will be shared through a personal message using the FoM website. There will be 80 participants per server, with 4 servers available.
A total of 320 participants can compete!
The game itself is regular fortnite. No changes to timings have been made. For the qualifiers, just finish in the top to be in the finals. (see 0. Format brief)

2. Finals
During the finals, the format will change a little. Even though it's still regular fortnite being played, the method for winning is not necessarily finishing first on each match.
A point system will be introduced for the finals.
Points will be distributed for position and kills:

  • 1st place: 10 Points
  • 2nd place: 8  Points
  • 3th place: 6  Points
  • 4th place: 4  Points
  • 5th place: 2  Points
  • Any kill:  2  Points

During the finals, killing is a viable method for gaining points. Each participant is expected to take a screenshot for their points.
The winners of the compo will be the top 3 with the most points gathered during the finals.

There will be 3 final matches, with all 3 just gaining points towards the placement in the tournament.
Screenshots and details for the finals need to be sent to the following google docs form HERE

The amount of participants in the finals is variant, with 25 minimum participants, and 50 maximum. Each participant is expected to play each finals match.

3. Scheduling
Due to technical details, it is impossible to track who will be connecting to the different servers. Servers will be opened 10 minutes before starting, to allow participants to queue.
This leeway will be documented in the scheduling section as well. Participants not in the queue when the server is launched, cannot compete in that match.
We cannot rollback, nor can we redo matches (Except in cases of technical difficulty)

Please pay close attention to the scheduling published on the FoM webpage!
Please pay close attention to your FoM messages!

Have fun and stay alive :)

Fortnite compo - Scheduling FoM 20.1

With an estimation of ~30 minutes per game + 15 minutes prepare & queue time, the scheduling will be as follows:


Qualifier round Queue start time Game start time
1 20:00 20:10
2 20:45 20:55
3 21:30 21:40
4 22:15 22:25
5 23:00 23:10


Finals round Queue start time Game start time
1 13:15 13:25
2 14:00 14:10
3 14:45 14:55

Remember! We cannot track who is not connecting. We cannot poke you specifically to remember to join. 10 minutes connect time is given, so keep a tight eye on this scheduling

This schedule can change at any time. We will inform using the website, it's however your responsibility to validate the schedule!