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Tech Data CS:GO Arms race (Saturday) (1 vs. 1)

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Password is “armsrace”

Klassement HERE

De arms race compos worden georganiseerd in rondes, iedere ronde start zoals aangeduid in de schedule.
De scores worden bepaald aan de hand van in-game punten. We verwachten dus voor iedere ronde een screenshot.
Na de start van een ronde zal 1 match gespeeld worden, deze match zal meetellen voor de score. Enige matches tussen deze en de volgende rondes tellen niet mee en zijn gewoon fun matches.
Eens een volgende ronde gestart is zal een screenshot van de vorige ronde geen punten meer verdienen. Bezorg ons je screenshot dus zo snel mogelijk! (Er is maar 1 screenshot nodig per match per server)

Vragen of suggesties? Laat ons deze gerust weten via csgo@fom.be



CS:GO Gungame by Tech Data

CS:GO Gungame by Tech Data

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Frag-o-Matic 21.0
Counter-Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO)


This is the official rulebook for the Frag-o-Matic 21.0 CS:GO competition, that will take place from the 1st until the 3rd of March 2019. These rules apply to the players throughout all stages of CS:GO arms race competition.

Failure to adhere to these rules may be penalized as outlined. It should be noted that the tournament administrators have the final word, and have the power to decide on any circumstances that are not outlined by this document, and in extreme cases may overrule the rulebook in order to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.

Frag-o-Matic reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

The CS:GO admin team wishes you good luck in the tournament and hopes that you have an enjoyable competition. We’ll do our utmost best to make it fair, fun and exciting for everyone involved.

Table of contents

  1. Admins and communication
  2. Compo overview
    1. Players
      1. Grooming standards
    2. Cheating
      1. Forbidden items
    3. Match protests and forfeit
      1. Definition
      2. Match protest rules
      3. Forfeit rules
  3. General
    1. General rules
    2. Sanctions and disputes
    3. Confidentiality
    4. Code of conduct
    5. Drugs and alcohol
    6. Betting
    7. Prize money
  4. Counter-Strike:Global Offensive rules
    1. Tournament structure and time schedule
      1. Structure
    2. Match procedure
      1. Client rules
      2. Illegal scripts
      3. Custom files
      4. Color depth and external programs
      5. Illegal programs
      6. In-game overlays
      7. Technical problems and disconnects
  5. Copyright Notice

1. Admins and communication


Communication before the LAN:

Please email us any feedback before and after the LAN event.

CS:GO admin team:

  • CPF
  • Gelleby
  • LTF
  • CounterForce
  • Ticino
  • Mr. Cookie

Communication during the LAN:


The communication during the LAN will be through steam, teamspeak, discord or at the compo desk.


Our steam accounts:

Teamspeak (DON'T POKE, only private message or voice):

We will be available as much as possible in the #csgo channel. We will use this as a second channel to remind everyone to play, of scheduling or changes. Important server-info will also be communicated in the #csgo channel.

Discord will be our main communication channel.

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2. Compo overview

2.1 Players

All players must read and understand the CSGO rulebook.
Any player in violation of a rule, will be sanctioned as described in this rulebook.

Only players registered in the tournament may play unless otherwise discussed with the tournament admin.

Each player has to use their nickname that is similar to the nickname he/she has entered on their fom.be account.

All players must be clearly identifiable in-game with a noticeable nickname for each player.

Players may not significantly change their nickname during the tournament. Any nickname they use during the tournament must always obviously visibly correspond to their original nickname. You are not allowed to change your nickname in-game.

If an admin’s job is hindered because of wrong or difficult nicknames or clan tags, the player will get a warning. 3 warnings are equal to a forfeit in 1 match.

Player nicknames may not be offensive. Tournament admins reserve the right to reject any tag or nickname they deem inappropriate.

Make sure your steam account is linked with your fom.be account corresponding to your nickname.

Players are strictly prohibited from using any other person’s steam account for any reason whatsoever during the CS:GO competition.

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2.1.1 Grooming standards

People participating in the CS:GO tournament are expected to normal grooming standards.
You may be asked to take action if you or your clothing have a look or odor that’s offensive to other players.

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2.2 Cheating

During Frag-o-Matic we won’t investigate cheaters from an external event. When we discover someone cheating during our LAN, that player and his player will be banned from the compo and the player will be also banned for the next Frag-o-Matic edition.

Furthermore we will investigate reports of players cheating during other tournaments until 2 weeks before the LAN. When a player is discovered cheating during another tournament/platform 12 months before the event occurs, then that player will not be allowed to play on that edition of Frag-o-Matic within the CS:GO competition and the edition after that.

If one of the following rules apply, then that player will not be allowed to compete in our tournament:
Caught cheating within a tournament/platform 12 months before the start date of our event.
There needs to be enough evidence for that player, that he/she was cheating and the tournament admins will judge if the evidence is valid OR if he/she was caught cheating on the following platforms:

  • Faceit
  • Esl
  • Valve (vac ban for any Counter strike: Global Offensive game)
  • ESEA
  • Cevo

When a player is caught selling or buying cheats.
In any case the admin will have the final decision.
This means that the admin will review the evidence and make the final call.
If a player shows the intention of coming to our tournament to cheat and we’re provided evidence of this.


Everyone from the community may send evidence to csgo@fom.be, when they suspect someone participating at Frag-o-Matic of cheating.

All forms of cheating in matches are forbidden, and will result in an overall forfeit in the tournament. Possibilities for cheating in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive are, for example; all kinds of multi-hacks, wallhack, aimbot, colored models, no-recoil, no-smoke, no-flash and sound changes.

All hardware or software that has an influence on the game in such a way that the essence of the game is affected are banned from this tournament. Any use of this kind of hardware will result in a disqualification of the tournament as it will be recognized as cheating.

When proven that a player is not cooperating in his own ban research or is lying on purpose. He will get banned for 1 edition.

You can find our banlist at http://www.fom.be/contents/view/cs-go-banlist The mentioned people in our ban list are not allowed in the CS:GO tournaments at Frag-O-Matic until the edition that’s stated there. When these people compete under a false name nonetheless or try to circumvent the rules then they will receive an extended or permanent ban.

Here are some of the other examples of ways to gain advantages, this list may not be the full list but if players are unsure of certain things, they should seek to ask the tournament admins first: Flash Bang, Smoke Grenade, and Hand Grenade Bugs - it is illegal to use any flash bang, smoke grenade, or hand grenade bugs, regardless of intent. Silent Bomb Plants - ALL bomb plants must be done in a position where your opponents can hear you. There should be no rotation in players to gain money advantages throughout a match. The bomb must be planted on solid surfaces on the map, ie where an opponent can defuse from, so not up in the air or floating. Illegal Bomb Defuses - No player can defuse a bomb through any other solid object on the map, it has to be done in clear view. It is also forbidden to try to intentionally distort your hitboxes during a defuse situation to prevent an opponent from killing you in game. Walking/Boosting through walls - No player should walk, boost through walls or roofs. To do so will see you are penalized for that round. Map Exploits - Boosts that include the use of clipping are strictly forbidden. The term “Clipping” defines that when a player is boosted can see through certain parts of the map (ie over/under walls, or through solid objects on the map).

If any player feels unsure on a new advantage they have found through their practice sessions, they are welcome to show this specific spot to the tournament team to review. Any player that does this will be treated to the strictest confidence as not to jeopardize your strategic advantage, however we can rule on whether it is a legal move. We strongly advise players to give us plenty of time ahead of an event so we can review it in good time and make good judgement on it.

The game admins may inspect your machine at any time throughout the event to inspect for cheats or hacks within your game files, steam cloud and anywhere on your PC or memory sticks.

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2.2.1 Forbidden items

During the lan, to prevent cheating by using external devices or items, the following items are forbidden:


  • Smartwatches; Having or carrying a smartwatch during the event, when competing in the CS:GO competition, that player will immediately be disqualified from the competition.
  • Alienware Wireless Headset AW988; Visual representation of audio isn’t allowed.
  • AR (augmented reality) glasses
  • Hardware from the brand “Bloody” (these are mice that come with software that reduces recoil on weapons)


Any other electronic devices (like smartphones) that are used during a match will be considered suspicious and we’ll ask that they’re not used. If, during a match, the suspicious device is still in use; the player using the device will receive a warning. After 3 warnings the player will receive a disqualification from the tournament.

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2.3 Match protests and forfeit

2.3.1 Definition

A protest is a raised issue for problems that affect the match outcome; a protest may even be filed during a match for things like incorrect server settings and other related issues. A protest is the official communication between a player and a tournament admin.

A forfeit is a lose or surrender.

2.3.2 Match protest rules

Participants are only allowed to issue a match protest before the beginning of their next match.

The protest must contain detailed info about why the protest was filed, how the discrepancy came to be and when the discrepancy occurred. A protest may be declined if proper documentation is not presented. A simple “they are cheaters” will not be enough.

Insults and flaming are strictly prohibited in a protest, and may result in the protest being ruled against the insulting party.

2.3.3 Forfeit rules

A forfeit can be called for a single match or the entire competition

A forfeit can also be raised by an admin as a penalty for wrongdoing.
For example, in most cases where a competing player doesn’t follow the time schedule.
The tournament admins can always force a forfeit.

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3.1 General rules

Frag-o-Matic Counter strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO) arms race tournament is a local area network (LAN) tournament. By competing in this tournament, players accept these rules in full.
Players which violate these rules will be sanctioned, and may be removed from the tournament without compensation.
In the beginning of the LAN the players can sit together with the admin to discuss the rules and to make adjustments if needed.
The decisions are made by the admin. If you have any issues with the rules, you can explain this by sending an email to csgo@fom.be up to one week before the start of the event.
Clarification of any point in the rules is available from the tournament admins at any time during the tournament.

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3.2 Sanctions and disputes

Sanctions and disputes will be resolved by the main tournament admin.
The admin’s decision on any sanction or dispute is final.
Abusive behavior towards the Frag-o-Matic staff, tournament admins or opponents at any time during the tournament is unacceptable and will be punished with warnings. 3 warnings are equal to a forfeit in 1 match.

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3.3 Confidentiality

The content of protests, support communication, discussions or any other correspondence with tournament officials and administrators are considered as strictly confidential. The publication of such material is prohibited. If the contents has been shared without consent then this could lead to a players disqualification.

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3.4 Code of conduct

Any form of aggression* (both verbally and physically) will not be tolerated.
Any and all physical aggression will be sanctioned with an immediate disqualification by that person performing the physical act (both actioned and reactioned).
Any verbal aggression will be sanctioned by a time-out for that person
A time-out is either set in time (hours/day) or in amount of matches when a player is not allowed to participate in the CS:GO competition.


Any situation that is about to escalate should be dealt with in a calm and diplomatic manner.
An audience with any Frag-o-Matic crew member (CS:GO admin or Frag-o-Matic team leaders) can always be called for at any time during the event.
Keep in mind that this audience can not be used to waste time or get a time advantage.
At any point, the CS:GO tournament admins can decide to continue with the competition with or without consent from either players or other Frag-o-Matic staff.

In the event when a single player or more are accused of cheating, the event will continue nonetheless.
Evidence will be presented to the tournament admins and a call will be made at a later stage of the event.
This rule is set to not cause any delays and have the situation under control.
Any player(s) ignoring this rule will receive a forfeit.

Any player ignoring a CS:GO admin will be sanctioned with a warning.
3 warnings are equal to a forfeit of 1 match.

*A form of aggression is described as:

  • Instrumental aggression -- Aggression aimed at obtaining an object, privilege or space with no deliberate intent to harm another person. Typical of participants wanting to get ahead of the competition with lies, anger, bullying, criticizing other people behind their backs, leaving others out of a group or otherwise ostracizing them, turning people against each other, dismissing the opinions of others (passive aggression).
  • Hostile aggression -- Aggression intended to harm another person, such as hitting/kicking/biting someone (active aggression). Threatening to beat up someone (nonverbal intimidation). Sending threatening messages through emails, phone calls, or social media, or making threats against someone's life, shouting, and swearing (verbal hostility). Breaking someone's computer, destroying someone's cell phone, or other forms of vandalism (destruction of property).
  • Relational aggression -- A form of hostile aggression that does damage to another's peer relationships, as in social exclusion, gossiping or rumor spreading. Examples: Arguments within a team after a lose that lead to a verbal fight.


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3.5 Drugs and alcohol

To play a match under the influence of any drugs or performance enhancers is strictly prohibited, and may be punished with exclusion from the tournament.
If an admin finds that a player is not capable of competing in the competition because of intoxication, the admin can exclude that person from the entire tournament.

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3.6 Betting

Betting on any match in the CS:GO tournament is strictly forbidden.

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3.7 Streaming, interviews and media

3.7.1 Broadcasting

Frag-o-Matic reserves the right to broadcast any match or demo, players may not refuse such broadcasts.
All forms of client side game broadcasting are NOT allowed.
Frag-o-Matic participants are not allowed to watch a local GOTV if a CS:GO server broadcasts a game.

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3.7.2 Match media

All match media (screenshots, demos, etc.) must be kept until the end of the event. Faking or manipulating match media is forbidden and will result in exclusion from the tournament.
Match media should be named clearly based on what it is. It is not possible to file a protest to complain about bad match media naming.
However if a tournament admin is hindered in their work because of bad match media naming, then a tournament admin will give a warning.
3 warnings are equal to a forfeit in 1 match.

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3.7.3 Screenshots

The admin can ask for screenshots of every game on any moment during the event. When he does this, the player has 15 minutes time to deliver the screenshot to the admin.

A screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of each half must be taken. When this is not done by a player it can result in a lost match when one of the other players complains about a score.

An RCON status screenshot must be taken:

  • at the beginning of the match
  • in case of a server/player change
  • if a player reconnects


RCON status screenshots made with the help of programs like HLSW etc. are not sufficient.

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3.8 Prize money

When you subscribe to this competition you agree to our prize money policy: http://www.fom.be/contents/view/prizemoney-policy

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 4. Counter-Strike:Global Offensive rules

4.1 Tournament structure and time schedule

Games will be scheduled to be played between 23:00 on Friday and 18:00 on Sunday. On Saturday and Sunday, players must be present at 10:00 (AM) and ready to start playing the rest of their scheduled matches. It can be the case that the tournament admins decide to start earlier or end later, but this will be communicated. An exact time schedule will be provided on our fom.be website for all players to follow.

Each match will have a start time on which the game needs to be started. The player(s) that are responsible where the start time has not been met will receive a forfeit for that match. Whether or not this rule will be applied, is the decision of a tournament admin.

The schedule for the tournament may be subject to change at any time. Matches may be rescheduled to a later time, delayed, postponed or cancelled at any time by the tournament admins without prior notice.

Games will not be rescheduled to an earlier time in the same day if either of the players have not yet played a game on that day without the consent of all players.

Where possible the tournament admins will notify any players involved in a rescheduled game of the new match start time at least one hour before the new start time. In the event a match is cancelled, the tournament admins will notify the players involved as quickly as reasonably possible.

If there’s insufficient time to complete a match, the tournament admins may at any time declare one player as the winner, if that player holds a clear advantage in that match. It is the responsibility of the tournament admins to decide whether a player holds a clear advantage. This rule will only be used in the emergency when the remaining event time is a factor.

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4.1.1 Structure

The compo will be held on 2 seperate days (1 on Saturday & 1 on Sunday).
The compo will be organized in rounds, where each round will be started according to the schedule provided.
The scoring will be done by in-game points, where we expect a screenshot after each played official match.
After the start of a round, 1 match will be played which is considered official. The others played between that time and the next round are just fun matches and don't count towards the scoring.
Once a next round is started, any screenshot of the previous doesn't incur any points, so send them asap after the match. (Only 1 screenshot per match per server is required) Screenshots are expected to be sent via Discord.

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4.2 Client rules

The admin is allowed to take over your computer before, during and after a game and have a look. Without the pc’s owner in question nearby, the person in question can appoint someone to stay with the admin to make sure no privacy issues are violated. Any trace evidence of cheats found on a player’s computer – even if such discovery took place outside of a game – can lead to exclusion from any competition.

For NVIDIA graphics card users: The use of Ambient Occlusion is strictly forbidden. If you are caught using this setting, this will result in a direct loss of the match. Getting caught for a 2nd time will result in removal from the tournament. This setting can be found in your NVIDIA Control Panel > 3D Settings > Manage 3D settings.

The following commands are forbidden:

  • mat_hdr_enabled

The following startparameters are forbidden:

  • +mat_hdr_enabled 0/1
  • +mat_hdr_leven 0/1/2

In your game client cfg-folder you’re only allowed to have config files.
Pictures, demos, screenshots and zipped files are forbidden.

All other configuration changes are allowed as long as they do not give an unfair edge or advantage comparable to cheating.

The using of bugs is not allowed. Should a bug that is not listed be used, an admin will decide if a penalty is necessary.

Boosting through walls/ceilings/ground, sky walking, map swimming, floating and sharking are all forbidden.

To throw grenades inside walls is not allowed. Above walls and roofs is allowed.

To plant the bomb in a way that it cannot be reached is forbidden. Places that can be reached with help of a team mate are allowed as long as they are visible. Violating this rule will result in tournament administrators intervention.

Changing graphic settings to irregular values can be punished.

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4.2.1 Illegal scripts

In general, all scripts are illegal except for buy, toggle & demo scripts. Some examples of illegal scripts:

  • Stop Shoot scripts [Use or Awp scripts]
  • Center view scripts
  • Turn scripts [180° or similar]
  • No Recoil scripts
  • Burst fire scripts
  • Rate changers (Lag scripts)
  • FPS scripts
  • Anti flash scripts or binding (snd_* bindings)
  • Bunnyhop scripts
  • Stop sound scripts
  • Following Commands/CVars are forbidden
  • +weapon_recoil_model 0 (Startparameter)

The following CVAR values must be used:

  • cl_bobcycle 0.98 (First Time->Warning)

If there are more than one player who used a wrong client setting, the match will be deleted. Exception: cl_bobcycle

Using illegal scripts will be penalized if the script could lead to a game advantage. This depends on the script concerned and it is up to the responsible admin to decide about this. It does not matter whether the script has been used or not. If the config files of a user contain illegal scripts or parts of illegal scripts, he will be penalized.

The use of No-Flash and No-Recoil bindings/scripts in any and all forms will be punished.

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4.2.2 Custom files

The HUD can be changed as long as no information are deleted or falsified which are available in the standard HUD. If the HUD is changed it has to be readable. If an admin is hindered in his work due to an unreadable HUD, penalty points may be assigned. Protests or supports which adhere to this rule will not be admitted and are rejected directly. Apart from the HUD and the GUI no custom files are allowed. This also includes custom models, changed textures or sounds (volume, soundscapes) are forbidden.

4.2.3 Color depth and external programs

The usage of a color depth of 16bit is not allowed.
The usage of external programs (ex. SweetFX, A3D,...) are not allowed to enhance vision.

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4.2.4 Illegal programs

Changing the game graphics or textures with the help of video card drivers or similar tools is illegal. Furthermore any kind of overlay that displays the system performance while playing (e.g. NVidia SLI Display, Riva tuner Overlays) is illegal. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a punishment for the player and the team. Tools that only display the FPS are legal.
Regardless of being actively used, if these scripts are found in part or in full in your config files, you will be penalized.

If you play with ambient occlusion, it will be punished as cheating!!

Punishment will be given regardless of whether the script/binding is executed via external hardware or software.

Also binding any snd_ command is forbidden.

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4.2.5 In-game overlays

All In-Game overlays – provided by the game itself – except the following are forbidden:

  • net_graph 0
  • net_graph 1
  • cl_showpos 1
  • cl_showfps 1
  • cl_showdemooverlay 1 / -1

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4.2.6 Technical problems and disconnects

If a disconnection occurs the game should automatically reconnect. When this doesn’t work, a tournament admin will decide what to do.

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5. Copyright Notice

Copyright © 2005-2019 by E-EVENTS VZW

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed at csgo@fom.be

CS GO Arms race Compo - Scheduling FoM

Games will be scheduled to be played between 15:00 on Saturday and 18:00 on Saturday.
Just pick one of the available servers, get ready before the start time. At the start time, a server reset will trigger the match that is scored.

The second compo will be scheduled to be played between 12:00 on Sunday and 15:00 on Sunday.


Round 1 START 15:00
Round 2 START 16:00
Round 3 START 17:00
Round 4 START 18:00


Round 1 START 12:00
Round 2 START 13:00
Round 3 START 14:00
Round 4 START 15:00

After finishing the game, send the screenshot of the result IMMEDIATELY. Any game played between official matches DOESN’T count!!