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01/03 - 03/03



Battlerite (2 vs. 2)


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You will compete for the honor of being the Battlerite champion.
This competition will be just for fun without any prizes. 

By competing in our tournaments, you confirm that you agree with our rules.

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Quick Rules

Match type: Private

Game mode: Arena

Round time: 2 minutes

Win score: 3

Map: RANDOM, unless both team agree on a map

Rounds are BO3. (je speelt effectief 3x een match die BO5 is)

Semi-Final BO5

Finals are BO7 with winner’s advantage

Screenshots of the wins!


1. Contact

Suggestions & Problems concerning rules: channi@fom.be - Channigami on steam


2. General

Disconnects / Pausing:

Pausing the game is only allowed if a player disconnects or has serious hardware problems.

Before unpausing the game, both teams must agree in all chat.

A pause can last a maximum of 10 minutes.

If a pause lasts longer than 5 minutes, contact the compo admin.

If the problem isn’t fixed after 10 minutes, the compo admin can decide to forfeit the match.

Abuse of the pause function in any way, will lead to a forfeit or even disqualification.

There may only be 2 players in a team. Only the registered players can play for the team.



A regame is allowed if both team agree it is needed to play a fair and balanced match.

All players play the same hero.

If a player cannot connect to a game before it has started because of a bug, the game has to be restarted. A screenshot of the bug is required!


Schedule Problems:

The schedule must be followed. If a game hasn’t started within 90 minutes of the scheduled match time, the admin will decide which player will forfeit the game. If both teams are absent, both teams will forfeit their game.

To avoid forfeiting when the opposing team doesn’t show. Take a screenshot of your game lobby with the correct name and password and an invite to the opposing players. Contact the compo admin as soon as you have this screenshot.


Participating in Multiple Competitions

It is allowed to participate for other compos. If, however you fail to start a match in time, for any reason, the admin can decide to forfeit the match.



If you are the winner or loser of the match, fill in your results on the FoM site!

Incomplete teams

If a team would end up with less players than the required team size at the beginning of a match (e.g. if one player had to leave because of circumstances), under no circumstances will we currently allow a substitute.


Alternate accounts

If you are playing with a gamer tag that is different from the one provided on your profile you will be disqualified from the tournament.


Winning, placement, advancement

There will be upper and lower brackets!

The bracket matches are BO3 (best out of 3).

The semi final is a BO5.

The final is a BO7 with winners’ advantage. Take a screenshot of every win/DC/loss and name it accordingly. Make sure a timestamp is visible on the screenshots for validity. The winner of the match moves on to the next game.


Note: the admin can always overrule any rule
Battlerite will be played just for honor without any prizes. 

 Final check in at Saturday 15:00.

  • Double Elimination bracket play starts at Saturday 15:30

Upperbracket BO3 round 1     15.30-16.30

Upperbracket BO3 round 2     17.00-18.00

Upperbracket BO3 round 3     18.30-19.30

Upperbracket BO3 round 4     20.00-21.00


Lowerbracket BO3 round 2     17.30-18.00

Lowerbracket BO3 round 3a    18.30-19.00

Lowerbracket BO3 round 3b    19.00-19.30

Lowerbracket BO3 round 4a    20.00-20.30

Lowerbracket BO3 round 4b    20.30-21.00


Semi Final BO5 Saturday  22u

Final BO7 (winner advantage) – SATURDAY 23.30u