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Frag-o-Matic 22.0



21/02 - 23/02



NORMAL - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (4 vs. 4)


Make sure you join de FoM discord channel ! it’s easier to stay in touch about the compo this way.


Initial compo list FoM 21.1

Initial compo list FoM 21.1

PUBG Grand Compo winners

PUBG Grand Compo winners

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Squad + 1 VS ALL

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Squad + 1 VS ALL

Initial compo list FoM 21.1

We are proud to announce the confirmed compo’s at this time! This list is pretty complete, but can still change of course. These compos will definitely be available on FoM ...

PUBG Grand Compo winners

After clearing the battlefield, only a few winners survived the arms race!   Our winners claimed their victory: 1. Pochinki zulu’s 2. Piemel agressief 3. De Halve ...

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Squad + 1 VS ALL

In cooperation with Bluehole's Esport Division we are again proud to announce that you will be able to participate in an official 4vs4 squad PUBG competition during ...

PUBG final rulebook, schedule, and changes.

The PUBG schedule is set, the PUBG rulebook is finalized and the maximum amount of teams has been decided! Make sure to register your team before Saturday September ...

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General rules:

Be sure to read the general rulebook. These are the main rules of Frag-o-Matic and should always be respected.

Game: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Type: 4 man squad first-person shooter

Registration closing time: Saturday 00:15
Registrations are only valid and players are only allowed to participate if they enter their ingame nickname In the comment section of the fom competition page.

Max Teams: We allow a maximum of 20 teams to register to this competition.

Player names: All teams need to add notes on their team profile with the in-game names and Discord IDs for every player. The ingame name submitted is the only one allowed in the competition, second accounts are not permitted.

Communication: The admins can be found at the compo desk and via Discord (https://discord.gg/UepZJ7m) Each team needs at least 1 player in the FoM Discord server as vital information will be posted there.


  • Paradelux


  1. Matches will be played on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday during the day and night.

  2.  teams will play in one lobby for every match. (servername and slot number will be assigned and messaged in Discord before the competition starts.)

  3. The captains of the teams will join our FoM-PUBG discord channel 30 minutes before the match. Servername, password and #slot number will be assigned by a FoM Admin in discord.

  4. The lobby will start 15 minutes after the lobby has been opened, or when the server is full.


Format: The competition will be played on one server with max 20 teams. Initially the teams will be assigned to their slot.

All scores will be aggregated on a Global Scoreboard, at the end of all 5 matches the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed team will receive their prizes.



Saturday 00:30 AM team slots & server

assignment @ discord

Match 1  

Saturday 01:00 AM open lobby - Start @ 01:15



Saturday 11:30 AM team slots & server

assignment @ discord

Match 2 

Saturday 12:00 PM open lobby - Start @ 12:15

Match 3 

Saturday 13:00 PM open lobby - Start @ 13:15



Saturday 21:30 PM team slots & server

assignment @ discord

            Match 4

Saturday 22:00 PM open lobby - Start @ 22:15

            Match 5

             Saturday 23:00 PM open lobby - Start @ 23:15

            Match 6

             Saturday 23:45 PM open lobby - Start @ 24:00


Sunday 11:30 AM team slots & server

assignment @ discord

             Match 7

             Sunday 12:00 open lobby - Start @ 12:15

                       *We could decide to start matches early if all teams agree.


Every match will give your team points as mention under “points system” below.The sum of all points from every match will give us the 3 teams winning the PUBG tournament under the placement of 1, 2 and 3.


Match rules:

  • Matches are played 4 man squad FFA. (min 3 players a team in a #slot)
    Playing with fewer is only allowed when an admin gives permission, but this is unlikely to happen. The team with less than 4 players will more likely be removed from the competition.

  • All players must have the replay function enabled and are obliged to send these to the admins upon request.

  • Every squad must be on server before the starttime. If not, a forfait will be assigned.

  • Max substitutes: 2

  • We’ll use the Nationscup league server config.

Server region: EU

Team: Squad 4P

Player Camera Restriction: First Person only

Map Option: Sunny

Server name:  will be assigned on discord

Password: will be assigned on discord

Slotnumber will be assigned on discord


Game settings:


  • Server Region: EU

  • Player Number restriction: 100

  • Team: Squad 4P

  • Zombie mode: Off

  • DBNO Revive: On

  • DBNO revive Casting time: 10s

  • DBNO HP Decreasing rate: 1x

  • Player Camera Restriction: First Person only on

  • Map Option: Sunny

  • Playzone Progress: 1x

  • Centralized circle: 0x

  • Red zone: Disabled

  • Care Package Frequency: 1x

  • Convert dead player to observer: Off

  • Public spectating: Off

  • Killer spectating: Off

  • Display EndCircle Location: Off

  • End Circle Location Rate: 0%

  • End Circle Location Town: 1x

  • End Circle Location Field: 1x

  • End Circle Location Mountain: 1x



  • Car / Motorbike: 1x

  • Boat: 1x



  • Costumes: 1x

  • Ammunitions: 1x


  • Sniper Rifles: 1,5x

  • DMR: 1,5x

  • Assault Rifles: 1,5x

  • Hunting Rifles: 1x

  • LMGs: 1x

  • SMGs: 1x

  • Shotguns: 1x

  • Handguns: 1x

  • Throwables: 1x

  • Melee: 1x

  • Crossbow: 1x

  • Flaregun: 0x



  • Scope Attachments: 1x

  • Magazine Attachments: 1x

  • Muzzle Attachments: 1x

  • Stock, Foregrip Attachments: 1x



  • Med kit : 1x

  • First aid: 1x

  • Bandage: 1x

  • Pain killer: 1x

  • Energy drink: 1x

  • Jerry can: 1x



  • Bag Lv1: 1x

  • Bag Lv2: 1x

  • Bag Lv3: 1x

  • Helmet Lv1: 1x

  • Helmet Lv2: 1x

  • Helmet Lv3: 1x

  • Armor Lv1: 1,3x

  • Armor Lv2: 1,3x

  • Armor Lv3: 1,3x


Map pick:

Will be discussed with the teams. (Erangel or both.)


Circle settings:


Points system:

  • Each kill is worth 16 points.


Placement points are visible in the table below:




































It’s mandatory to take a screenshot of the end game screen (F12 in-game).
In case of an observer crash: Providing no evidence of your end result for each match will result in a 0 score!


Substitute Players: A team consists of 4-6 Players and a maximum of 2 substitutes. (substitutes must be signed up / registered for the competition)


Disconnects: In the case that a player or players disconnects, their team is allowed to continue to play the match at a disadvantage.

If the disconnected player(s) can reconnect, they’re allowed to continue to play.


Server crash: If a match is interrupted (server crash, power failure or other technical fault), we will restart the match asap.

All captains will join the discord channels for briefing. (Text - Voice)


Cheating: ALL forms of cheating are forbidden!

When we find someone cheating during our tournament, that player will be banned from the event.
ALL hardware or software that has an influence in any game in such a way that the essence of the game is affected are banned from this tournament.
There needs to be enough evidence that a player is cheating.In any case, the admin will have the final decision, this means that the admin will review the evidence and make the final call.

The admin is allowed to change these rules at any time without any notification.
The admin is allowed to overrule the rulebook.