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Frag-o-Matic 22.0



21/02 - 23/02



NORMAL - Fortnite (1 vs. 1)


Initial compo list FoM 21.1

Initial compo list FoM 21.1

Fortnite Compo Registrations now open

Fortnite Compo Registrations now open

Surprise compo!

Surprise compo!

Initial compo list FoM 21.1

We are proud to announce the confirmed compo’s at this time! This list is pretty complete, but can still change of course. These compos will definitely be available on FoM ...

Fortnite Compo Registrations now open

The registrations for the Fortnite compo are now open. You can sign up here!   Also this edition there will be a Battlerite competition!  

Surprise compo!

We are excited to announce that Frag-o-Matic 20.1 will have a Fortnite compo!   With a total of 320 spots, it’s best to sign up quickly.  

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The compo will be run with custom lobbies. Join our discord to stay updated with the status of the compo. https://discord.gg/wSqXnUC

The compo will be run on Cross-play.

There will be 10 custom games spread over the FoM-weekend. The times of these games can be found in the Schedule tab. The lobby code will be shared in the discord.
Change your Username in discord to your FoM-name to be added to the code-channel. Throw a tag to Flammablesoul on saturday if you aren’t added to the channel but are signed up.

Every game will give points for kills as well as to the top 15. The player with the most points after these 10 games, will be the winner of the Fortnite competition.

Top 15 = +3 points
Top 10 = +2 points
Top 3 = +2 points
Victory Royale = +3 points

Per kill = +1 point
Every 5 kills = +1 point

Example: 2th place with 10 kills = 19 points = (Placement) (3+2+2) 7 points + (#Kills) 10 points + (2*5 kills) 2 points


Participants do not need to participate in all 10 games. They will miss out points when missing a game. Participants in the games are required to sign up via the FoM website.

In case of a tie-breaker for top 3, all players occuring in the tie-breaker jump in a creative game together for a 1v1 battle. (5 minutes gathering-time. Damaging/Killing another player before this time ends, will lead to a disqualify.) An admin will be alongside in-game for this match.

We obligate screenshots of the match details at the moment you died as evidence. This needs to be provided via a form fill-in which will be shared in the Discord Channel as well as below in the Rulebook. All screens need to contain the lobby-code, Epic Games name and your personal match stats of that game at the moment you died.

These will be able to be submitted here. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AqGBBI9eoS-yrl_8LBLw_ecM3IOvNUU6creJPigCZHI/viewform
We will try to provide live updates of the scores as much as possible. This is still being looked into.

If a player fills in false info in the form and does not notify the compo-admins in time of a mistake being made, this player will be disqualified without discussion. We are going to receive hundreds of screenshots which requires us to be harsh on this section.

Teaming up in a certain match will nullifie your points for that match (first time) Second time will be DQ from the compo.
Incase of toxic players, 1 Game will be nullified, If this continues players will get DQ’d And you will be put through to the organisers of FOM.

For more info, Please contact Flammablesoul on discord or mail at Flammablesoul@fom.be

Timechanges happening in communication with part of the attending Fortnite community

The codes will be given in de FoM discord in the Fortnite channel: https://discord.gg/wSqXnUC

Screenshot submission form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AqGBBI9eoS-yrl_8LBLw_ecM3IOvNUU6creJPigCZHI/viewform

Game 1: Friday 23:00
Game 2: Friday 00:00
Game 3: Saturday 13.00
Game 4: Saturday 14:00
Game 5: Saturday 15:00
Game 6: Saturday 16:00
Game 7: Saturday 17:00
Game 8: Sunday 11:00
Game 9: Sunday 12:00
Game 10: Sunday 13:00

Tie-breaker: Sunday 14:45 (Only for top 3 spots)