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02/09 - 04/09



NORMAL - Hearthstone by HOWEST (1 vs. 1)

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Only 4 more days until Frag-o-Matic 22.0

Only 4 more days until Frag-o-Matic 22.0

FoM 21.1 Hearthstone compo sign up

FoM 21.1 Hearthstone compo sign up

Initial compo list FoM 21.1

Initial compo list FoM 21.1

Only 4 more days until Frag-o-Matic 22.0

We have had the pleasure welcoming Fractal as one of our partners in the past and this time is no different! They are a leading designer and manufacturer of premium PC ...

FoM 21.1 Hearthstone compo sign up

However we see certain LAN parties cancel their Hearthstone competition, we would like to assure you that our Hearthstone Grand Compo will be very much happening! You can ...

Initial compo list FoM 21.1

We are proud to announce the confirmed compo’s at this time! This list is pretty complete, but can still change of course. These compos will definitely be available on FoM ...

RIV4L LAN TOUR Hearthstone winners

The RIV4L Lan Tour stops at our favourite lan of the Benelux twice. They will return in our September edition! Find out more information about the RIV4L Lan Tour on the ...

Hearthstone winner to Tweakers Gaming Live

More fun news today! In addition to the winners of the CS:GO competition, the winner of the Hearthstone competition at Frag-o-Matic 20.1 will also automatically ...

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Best 2 teams of each poule will progress to the next round.

w: wars won | l: wars lost | d: draw wars | rw: rounds won | rl: rounds lost

Bracket overview

Heartstone Main Compo - Rulebook FoM 23.0 (BOUND TO CHANGES)


Refer to the schedule on the FoM-website for the times to play your games. https://www.fom.be/compos/view/334#tabs-8

Refer to the Battlefy link to see who your opponent is in the next match and to see their decks. https://battlefy.com/hearthstone-bnlx/fragomatic-hearthstone-compo/62e6da81976fea48e268f56f/info

Admin: TrainingWolf / NLBouncyknight


1. General rules


  • Frag-o-matic Hearthstone 1vs1 tournament is a local area network (LAN) tournament. By competing in this tournament the players accept these rules in full.
  • Players who violate these rules will be sanctioned, and may be removed from the tournament without compensation. Such removal may also void any potential winnings for players.
  • Sanctions and disputes will be resolved by the main tournament admin . The admin’s decision on any sanction or dispute is final.
  • Abusive behavior towards the Frag-o-matic staff, tournament admins or opponents at any time during the tournament is unacceptable and will be punished with disqualification.
  • Clarification of any point in the rules is available from the tournament admins at any time during the tournament.
  • We will force the use of our Discord-channel to keep easier contact with the players. https://discord.gg/wSqXnUC 
  • When tagged in Discord by an admin to play a game and no response is given by that person themselves within 15 minutes, the match will be forfeited. If you are not in the discord or are using a different name than your FoM/Battlenet, we can not be held responsible for forfeited matches. Players can edit their own nickname in the Discord to fit their FoM/Battlenet tag.
  • You are allowed to sign up for the competition before sending in your decklist.
  • Decktrackers are allowed, admins are of the opinion that it doesn't matter if a player uses a program to track or tracks on paper. There will be no DQ's for the use of decktrackers.
  • Deck-submissions need to happen before 02/09/2022 10.30PM via the Battlefy link here. The full decklist need to be in 1 image/thread. Not doing so will result in a disqualification from the competion.

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2. Competition rules


  • Title: Hearthstone 1v1
  • Max players: 64
  • Format: Conquest – BO5
  • Game type: Poules (BO5) + top 32 single elimination (BO5)
  • Starting time: Friday 02 September 2022  23h00


  • Add your battletag entirely (including number) to the notes while signing up, this is required!
  • Players must have exactly 4 decks, but only one of each class. Having two decks of one hero is unacceptable and punishable by disqualification. To prevent cheating we are working with an open decklist.
  • If you want to take into account your teammates (so they do not sit in the same group) you put on the website of frag-o-matic the teamtag for the name.
  • Only the current ‘standard set’ is allowed to use,  (even in the event that new cards are introduced before or during the tournament).
  • The tournament will be played in the Conquest format. The games in poules will be a BO5, this will be the same case for the top 32 single elimination bracket (top 16 Double elim. below 32 participants).
  • Conquest means the winner of a round has to switch heroes while the loser of the match may switch heroes. This until the BO5 between these players is finished.
  • Poules will go per 8 players (4 if participants do not go over 32) with top 4 (2 below 32 part.) qualifying to the Single (Double below 32 part.) Elimination bracket. If there is a group where all the players have the same amount of points we will look first at the win/loss ratio of those players. When that is the same amount, we will look to the mutual duels, if that doesnt give us the winner of the group, we will drop everyone in a randomizer and let fate decided.
  • The bracket will be made in a fixed setting looking at the positions of the top 4 (2) per poule. Regarding potential teamkills: there will be no exceptions with the fixed setting. The look of this fixed setting can be requested with compo-admin TrainingWolf or NLBouncyknight via Discord. TrainingWolf#2122 / NLBouncyknight#1833
  • Matches have to be played as the schedule shows. You are not allowed to play the games in a different order. This for scheduling purposes.


  • Players MUST submit their decks in one image/thread via Battlefy: https://battlefy.com/hearthstone-bnlx/fragomatic-hearthstone-compo/62e6da81976fea48e268f56f/info
  • Not submitting your decklists in time (10.30PM) will result in removal from this compo-registration.
  • The deck lists after signing up will be made public (link will be shared once the poules are made)
  • Starting too late can be considered as a forfeit. - Always contact the admin first if there would be time-issues to discuss this with them!
  • Take a screenshot of every win/DC/loss and name it accordingly.
  • Make sure a timestamp is visible on the screenshots for validity.
  • If a round ends in a draw it must be replayed immediately without a break between games. (Eg. Hellfire kills both heroes.) If a round ends in a draw due to the maximum turn limit, the player with the most hp + armor wins.
  • The loser of a game may change deck, the winner has to change deck. The winner gets 1 win in the BO5
  • If there is a group where all the players have the same amount of points, we will look win/loss ratio of those players. When that is equal, we will look to the mutual duels, if that doesnt give us the winner of the group, we will drop the equalized players in a randomizer and let fate decided.
  • Fill in all scores as they happened. If no full score is given by either players, the assigned winner will be awarded a 3-0. These scores might count at the end of the poule-phase.
  • The winner of the matches moves on to the next game once the brackets are put available.

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3. Picks and Bans

Agree in the Battlefy platform on the picks and bans. Take screenshots of the conversation as proof. Each player has 4 heroes and can ban one hero of their opponent before the start of the match.

If a player playing a lineup with the card Maestra of the Masquerade in it commits either a Decklist Mismatch infraction or Wrong Class Selection infraction, that player is responsible for continuing to play the active game until they have played out class cards that demonstrate indisputably whether they are or are not currently piloting a Maestra deck.

If a player who commits either a Decklist Mismatch infraction or a Wrong Class Selection infraction has a Maestra in their lineup and leaves the active game prior to providing indisputable evidence that they are or are not piloting a Maestra deck, that player receives a match loss.

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4. Disconnects

!! Take a Screenshot of every Bug & Disconnects !!

  • Bring your own device, if your device causes a crash or freezes, the game will not be replayed.
  • Bugs: Client Bugs count as a disconnect for the player who has the bug! (Only when a Screenshot is provided)
  • Whenever a player disconnects remain at your seat until the game is over, there is always a chance that the player might reconnect. You can contact an admin via the Discord-server of FoM (link below)
  • If the disconnect is caused by a known technical issue at the venue, a rematch of that game is in order.

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6. Admin / Contact Details

  • Add the FoM Discord channel, for news, chats and an easier way to communicate https://discord.gg/wSqXnUC
  • TrainingWolf#2122 or NLBouncyknight#1833 on discord


Contact: at the compo desk (TrainingWolf/NLBouncyknight)



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SCHEDULE IS BOUND TO CHANGES (This will depend on the number of participants)

Refer to the Battlefy link to see who your opponent is in the next match. https://battlefy.com/hearthstone-bnlx/fragomatic-hearthstone-compo/62e6da81976fea48e268f56f/info

The link to the decklists will be shared once the decklist submission ends (02 sept 2022 22h30)

The matches have to be played in the hour following the start of the match. Waiting to play your match will result in a DQ for holding up the tournament. You have to play a BO5 in , keep this in mind.

Match 1: Friday 23.00
Match 2: Saturday 01:00
Match 3: Saturday 11:00
Match 4: Saturday 13:00
1 hour bonus lunch + gaining lost time
Match 5: Saturday 16:00 
Match 6: Saturday 18:00
1 hour bonus diner + gaining lost time
Match 7: Saturday 21:00

We will look at round difference in case of tie-breakers. In case of a tie-breaker there, we look at the result of the players their game played.

Quarters: Sunday 10:00
Semis: Sunday 12:00
Finals + 3rd place: Sunday 14:00