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06/09 - 08/09



Brawlhalla (1 vs. 1)

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Last compo instructions!

Last compo instructions!

Final official compo list FoM15.1

Final official compo list FoM15.1

Console Corner 14.0

Console Corner 14.0

Latest info about the compo's

  Within a few hours Fom will start again and there will be  fantastic compo’s on the schedule again ,that have some awesome prizes .   Grand / Normal / ...

Last compo instructions!

Tonight the biggest LAN competition in Belgium will kick off. To make sure everything runs smoothly we'd like to explain some last things before the LAN starts.   What ...

Final official compo list FoM15.1

After listening to all our participants we decided to make some changes to our compo list: Game Compo Type Admin 2de admin LOL ...

Official compo list FOM15.1

Below you can find our official FOM15.1 compo list. Unofficial compos will be announced in a later stage.   GameType Compo TypeAdmin2de admin LOL ...

Temporary compo list FoM15.0

Organizing LAN competitions isn’t easy lately with the current state of gaming. Most of all because a lot of games also require an internet connection and LAN style gaming ...

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Quick Rules

  • 1v1 lobby settings Like this
  • Never leave the lobby when your enemy disconnects

Winning, placement, advancement

  • There will be poules per 4 participants depending on the amount of people participating. The top 2 proceeds to the bracket. All games in the poules will be BO3.
  • The upper bracket matches are BO5 (best out of 5), lower bracket BO3. The lower bracket finals will be a BO7. The grand final is a BO7 with winners advantage.
  • The winner of the match moves on to the next game.
  • Always take screenshots of the endscreen with the roomnumber visible.


  • If a player disconnects during a game and is unable to re-connect to finish the game, that disconnecting player forfeits one game.
    There will be NO exceptions regardless of when the disconnect occurred.
  • If both players disconnect the game must be replayed immediately without a break between games.
  • Leaving the game without confirmation of your opponent to replay (in case of lag for example) will result in a loss for that game! Always take a screenshot of said so confirmation.

Questions about the competition or rules can be asked on the FoM-discord (#fighter) or in private: TrainingWolf#2122


Poule BO3 round 1 Before 12h00
Poule BO3 round 2 Before 13h00
Poule BO3 round 3 Before 14h00


Upperbracket BO5 round 1 Before 17h00
Upperbracket BO5 round 2 + Lowerbracket BO3 round 1 Before 18h00
Upperbracket BO5 round 3 + Lowerbracket BO3 round 2 Before 19h00
Upperbracket BO5 round 4 + Lowerbracket BO3 round 3 Before 20h00
Lowerbracket BO3 Round 4 Before 21h00
Lowerbracket BO3 Round 5 Before 22h00


Semi-finals (BO7) Before 11h00
Grand finals (BO7 (winner’s advantage)) Before 13h00