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02/09 - 04/09




Within a few hours Fom will start again and there will be  fantastic compo’s on the schedule again ,that have some awesome prizes .


  1. Grand / Normal / Fast 

It is not meant to enter more than one grand compo,this due to shortage of time.

It is possible to combine a grand compo with a normal compo, except when these compo matches are played at the same moment.

Fast compo’s are normally easy to combine and have a broader deadline.

  1. Deadline 

We will put the 15min rule to work! This means : a player that is 15 min late for a game without a valid reason or without permission of the admin will receive a forfait score. So be on time and at all times follow the timeschedule made by the admins.

  1. Scores

It is not necessary to hand over yours scores at the compo desk (with the blue lights). You are able to fill out your scores on the website.

  1. Compo desk

The compo desk (with blue lights) will deal with all problems involving your compo. Here the admin can (if necessary) meet you and discuss problems. All problem with computers/network/servers/... are handled at the HELPDESK(red lights).


The admin team is ready and we wish everyone a pleasant ,sportsmanlike and fair compo!

kind regards the admin team!

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