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16.0: Airborne


28/02 - 02/03



Sold out!

UPDATE Ticket sale

UPDATE: VIP TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT! Starting from the 1st of December we will be selling our famous VIP and early bird tickets. Our VIP tickets were sold out pretty quick after the opening, so ...

Recap movie FoM 15.1

Before we kick off towards FoM 16.0 we wanted to share with you our recap movie of FoM 15.1! Enjoy!  

FoMTV coverage

  You might have noticed during FoM 15.1 that some of the crew were running around with camera equipment. FoM 15.1 was the start of one of our new projects called FoMTV. This edition was just ...

Overview of the winners at FoM 15.1

This edition of Frag-o-Matic was a great one and with a huge amount of compo's which went (nearly) perfect. Below you will find an overview of who won which compo so that you can congratulate him ...

Trackmania Grand Final

a) Gameserver: FoM - War Server 1 psw: compo Time: 12:00 Acer | Koenz drz.Lp. Dragon.Woki Dragon.Ertje Good Luck to all players

LoL Last compo call

http://binarybeast.com/xLoL13091414  Round 6 : 08h00Round 7 : 09h00UB FINAL: 8h30 -> 10h30Consulation Final : 10h30 -> 11h30Grand Final : 12h00 -> 14h00 Before round 6 go to the compodesk @ ...

FoM 16.0: Airborne

A few months ago we were fully submerged Underwater but during the weekend of the 28th of February - 2nd of March 2014 we will go full Airborne! Frag-o-Matic 16.0: Airborne will yet again take ...

Temporary compo list FoM 16.0

Below is our temporary compo list for Frag-O-Matic 16.0. These are all official compos; unofficial compos will be anounced in a future newspost. GameCompoTypeAdmin2nd admin CS:GO ...

FoM Teamspeak server

  Thanks to Teamspeak we have our own FoM Teamspeak server of more than 500 slots! You can use this server during our event but as well in between events! Through this way we want to support ...

FoM 15.1: Underwater over & out!

  Unfortunately, Frag-o-Matic 15.1: Underwater has come to an end. There was a lot going on both in front of the PC screens, but also next to them! Even though we can organize as many ...

COD4 info


Trackmania loser Bracket final

congratulations to our 2 finalist Acer | Koenz and drz. Lp. both of them qualified them in the winner bracket and go straight to the finals. tomorrow the last match in the loser bracket will be ...
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