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New CS:GO compo structure




The CS:GO competition will have a new compo structure starting from FoM 20.0.


All teams participating in the CS:GO competition will, like it was in the past, start off in a group stage with 4 teams per group.


After the group stage there will be a new rule on how we split the teams:


Following the pool stage, the winner from each pool will advance to a pro bracket, the team in second place from each pool will advance to a semi-pro bracket and other teams will proceed to a fun bracket.


Our compo structure will use the following setup for pro, semi-pro and fun:

  • Groupstage > BO1 (best of 1)
  • Upper Bracket > BO3 (best of 3)
  • Lower Bracket > BO1 (best of 1)
  • Semi-final (Finals in lower bracket) > BO3 (best of 3)
  • Pro & semi-pro bracket:
    • Final > BO5 (best of 5) with map advantage
  • Fun bracket:
    • Final > BO3 (best of 3) with map advantage


Why this change?

In the first place, we would like to make the CS:GO compo more competitive and still allow the less competitive teams to learn and have fun. Without having to be knocked out of the competition after the minimum of non-engaging matches.


The teams in the fun-bracket will not have any prices, equivalent to the other fun competitions at FoM. The winners will still receive the honor and fame associated with winning at FoM.


We hope to give the lower ranked teams the opportunity to stand out and learn through this change.


Of course we would like to stress that this change is the consequence of better teams purposely dropping to a more easy bracket, getting a simple prize-grab at the expense of others. The teams that wish to win prizes will have to fight for it.


We hope this change will have a positive effect on all teams competing in the CS:GO compo and everyone has fun at FoM 20.0


Warmup servers

To allow practicing nade throws or similar during the lan, we will (pending availability), provide warmup servers.

These will be marked as such in the server list, and can’t be used as war servers.


This new rule has been adjusted in our rulebook, which you can read here.

There’s also a new discord server (https://discord.gg/MbPY2ge) that will be used during the competition.


We wish all teams the best of luck in our competition.



CS:GO admin team:

  • CPF
  • Gelleby
  • LTF
  • CounterForce
  • Ticino
  • Mr. Cookie


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