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Fairy Tale


16/02 - 18/02



Get your seat on the seatmap




If you bought less than 5 tickets, then scroll down to the bottom of this newspost.

Did you order 5 or more tickets? Then keep on reading!


Starting fom 01/07/2017 at 20h00, you can send an email to reserve a spot on our seatmap.

To do this, include the following in your email to seatmap@fom.be (this can be in Dutch or English):

  • Clan name
  • Amount of seats
  • Your desired seats on the seatmap with the correct numbering – look at http://www.fom.be/seatmaps/view
  • Optional: a list of fom.be account names of the players linked to those seats


You can only reserve a seat with a valid ticket. It is not possible to reserve seats for a long time without a ticket.


If your order is still unpaid, your seats will stay reserved for 5 days counting from the moment the seatmap admin mails you with a confirmation

Exceptions can be made, but only by the seatmap admins. 

For any issues with tickets: please contact tickets@fom.be.


The seatmap will open up for everyone on the 8th of July at 20h00.


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