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Reserve your place on the seatmap




Purchased less than 5 tickets? Please scroll down. *

Purchased more than 5 tickets? Then it is now possible to reserve seats on the seatmap through email.

In order to do so send an email to seatmap@fom.be and include the following:

  • Clan name
  • Amount of seats
  • Which seats you want to reserve with correct numbering (to find the correct numbering please refer to http://www.fom.be/seatmaps/view)
  • Optional: A list of account names of players and on which seat they should be placed

It is only possible to reserve a seat with a valid entry ticket. It is not possible to keep seats reserved long-term without a ticket.
If your ticket hasn’t been paid for, the seat will stay reserved for a maximum of 5 days, starting the moment you received an email from the seatmap admin.

*The seatmap will be opened for everyone on January 4th 2018 at 8PM (20:00).

For problems with (purchasing) tickets please send an email to tickets@fom.be

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