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Fairy Tale


16/02 - 18/02



Retro Compo x2




Once again this edition you can participate in our Retro Compo. The game for this Retro Compo edition will be Crash Team Racing on Playstation 1!


The retro compo will be seperated into 2 categories:

  • Saturday is a time-trial event set on a map chosen bij head compo admin. First 3 get prizes. Please come to the compo desk if you want to participate in this compo.
  • Sunday will be the official tournament of the Retro Compo. For this, it is required to check in on Sunday between 9-10 AM. You can apply at the Compo Desk.


If you participate in any retro event or practise, you need to give an identity token (driver license, identity card) to the responsible head compo admin (Lenzo) or at the admin who is responsible when the head compo admin is not avaible.


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