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Seatmap open for everyone




Seatmap reserverations were opened up for everyone since last weekend.
This means that for everyone that has a valid ticket for FoM 20.0, those participants can select a seat on our seatmap (click on the "seats" icon on the right side of this web page, under "quick links")


Do this by clicking on a white square on the seatmap. Squares with tilted lines are locked. When you reserve a white square, the square next to it will be unlocked and becomes white. Your best friend or clanmate will then be able to reserve it and sit next to you. The squares with a “x” are disabled and will not be unlocked automatically. These are seats which are reserved for participants with tickets, but no team lay-out on who wants to sit where.


Teams can still send an e-mail to seatmap@fom.be to reserve seats for their whole team.
This is usefull for teams where everybody buys their own ticket through the webshop, but anyone should not hesitate to email the seatmap admins when they require help.
If you send a mail for assistance of an admin, please mention very clear the seat numbers and associated nicknames.
Admins can only reserve seats for valid tickets.


If you have reserved a seat, please don't assume that this reservation is final. Admins can still give you a new seat.
This is important near the end of the reservation period to make sure that random white squares come together to make room for extra teams. That’s why it is important that you select the right clan in your profile.
Admins will always make sure that players of the same clan will be seated next to each other, and will not kick your reservation or change it to a random spot on the other side of the seatmap if you have the same clan in your profile as the people with seats next to you (or he would have to replace the whole team...). Every clan will have a separate colour on the seatmap. If you notice that the seat of your clan member has another colour, then please ask him to update his clan in his user profile.


The main reason why we would move a participant to a different seat is to make sure we have (almost) no empty seats on our seatmap.
Obviously to make sure we fill up every seat and to get everyone in a seat where they can sit together with their friend(s).
Our seatmap puzzle has to fit in the end, so displacement is sometimes unavoidable.


For the few lucky bastards who have a VIP ticket: our VIP manager will contact you to select your seats. This is because the VIP manager can ask us to rearrange the table positions in the VIP area to make sure that teams can sit together in 1 “island”. Our VIP manager is always happy to be at your service (his email address is vip@fom.be) and he will give you an extra big table and a comfortable chair with a super soft pillow :-)


As always at your service.
Signed by the super-evil seatmap zombie-admins.

Gell & Eldrax


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