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VIP Frag-o-Matic 18.1




The FoM VIP package has been totally renewed! Here you can find all the benefits of becoming a VIP member during the next FoM edition. If there are any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know through vip@fom.be or by sending us a Facebook message!


  • You will have double the space of a regular participant.
    You will have a large 180 cm x 80 cm table surface at your disposition!
  • You can use a Speedseats gaming chair for free.
    As a VIP member, you are allowed to use a Speedseat gaming seat for free in the VIP area, so no need to bring your own gaming chair! More info about Speedseats can be found here: https://speedseats.be.
  • You will have an extra sleeping area.
    There is an extra VIP sleeping area, so there is no need to take all your belongings to the other side of the room.
  • You will receive a VIP Care package.
    FoM VIP members will get a care package with a lot of goodies and freebies. What the package contains is still a surprise, but we will keep you posted!
  • You will have a network cable at your disposal.
    During the LAN event, you are allowed to use one of our network cables. The cable will already be ready at your desk. So you will not need to bring your own 20m network cable.
  • You will have a power strip at your disposal.
    During the event you will have 3 up to 4 sockets at your disposition. So you will not have to bring your own power strip.
  • You will have access to the VIP buffet on Saturday and Sunday.
    On Saturday and Sunday between 9.00am and 11.00am you will be able to enjoy the FoM breakfast buffet. However, there are a few rules:
    • You are not allowed to share this with non-VIP members. (this will be checked during the buffet)

    • Waste of food is not appreciated, finish your meal. Feel free to come and get small quantities multiple times.

  • VIP Limited Edition Shirt
    Of course you want to show the others that you are 1 of the 28 VIP members. With this VIP only shirt you will certainly be seen!

  • A small bonus
    Friday you will be offered a glas of cava or juice and some snacks to start off the weekend.

  • VIP parking
    you will have your own parking space close to the entrance.

  • VIP wristband is sent to you
    No need to queue at the entrance! We will send your wristband to you 2 weeks in advance.

  • Separate VIP internet
    We have provided a separate internet-line for the VIP members to ensure a smoother experience during the event. However we would like you to download and update everything beforehand in order to keep as much bandwith available as possible for everyone's experience.
    In case any problems occur we can switch to the same internet-line the other participants use, so you will always have at least the same quality as everyone else.


Our intention is to make life as easy as possible for our limited VIP group (2% of the participants). Our aim is to adjust this package to the needs of our VIPs, so we are inclined to reevaluate the price every edition. The price for FoM 18.1 VIP tickets have been determined to be €120,00.


Attention!: We can't make any adjustments on the VIP ticket's owner or buyer nor any refunds after 26-08-2016! If there is a problem, inform us in a timely manner.


Don't hesitate to send us any questions, comments or suggestions at vip@fom.be or send us a facebook message!

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