Frag-o-Matic 25.1



6/09 - 8/09



Quake Live TDM (4 vs. 4)


End of registrations

End of registrations

Compo registrations are open!

Compo registrations are open!

Temporary compo list Frag-o-Matic 18.0

Temporary compo list Frag-o-Matic 18.0

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End of registrations

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Compo registrations are open!

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Temporary compo list Frag-o-Matic 18.0

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Make sure to join IRC – Quakenet: #fom.be

FoM Quake Live 4v4 Team Deathmatch rules


Structure: Double Elimination format


Day 1:

Start time: 12pm / 00:00

Winners bracket up to Quarter Finals – Bo3

Losers bracket up to Quarter Finals – Bo1

End time: Once two rounds of WB and LB have been played.


Day 2:

Start Time: 1pm / 13:00

Any remaining Day 1 games will need to be completed at this time, failure to do so will result in a forfeit for the non-active team.

WB Quarter Finals: Bo3

WB Semi-Finals & Final: Bo5

Remaining LB games: Bo3

Grand Final: Bo7 – 1 map advantage for WB Final winner


Semi-Final and Grand final playtimes will depend on bracket progress.


TDM Settings

Classic Ruleset

Teamsize 4

Timelimit: 20 minutes

No Fraglimit

Mercylimit 100

Sudden death overtime periods

Map Pool:

Dreadful Place, Grim Dungeons, Limbus, Purgatory, Ragnarok

Prizes: TBA



  • One timeout allowed per series per team. This excludes necessary timeouts for lag that is evident to both teams and spectators.
    Command for timeout:

  • All participants must record demos and must provide demos to any participant or tournament moderator that requests them.
    Use /cg_autoAction "3" or /record during tournament play. Easiest is to have
    seta cg_autoAction "3"
    seta cl_demoRecordMessage "1"
    in your autoexec.cfg to automatically record demos and display the filename in the heads-up display.
    A simple /bind x "record" can also be used as backup if the cg_autoAction failed to trigger.

  • Players may not begin their official match until a tournament official has been given the information of the server being used.

  • Servers will be provided by tournament moderators when needed. Choosing servers is to be organised by players in a timely manner. If players are not able to reach a decision on a server, a location will be forced by a tournament official.

  • Map picking will be done on a pick-pick basis, winner of coinflip picks first..


Tournament moderators:

  • Greth


Communication & Server Spawning:


Admins will be available on IRC (Channel and server TBA)  and Skype.


Servers can be created by the admins but will time-out after not being in use for 15 minutes. After that a new spawn must be made by an admin.

A live list of active servers will be maintained in the following google doc: