Frag-o-Matic 25.0



16/02 - 18/02



What is a FoM ticket?

A ticket for an event of Frag-o-Matic gives 1 person entrance as a participant of the event. This ticket is typically linked to 2 persons:

  • the person who bought the ticket (referred to as 'the buyer'), typically - but not limited to - a clan leader;

  • the person to whom the ticket is assigned (referred to as 'the owner'), typically - but not limited to - a clan member. This is the person who may enter the event as a participant with the ticket.


Only if you have a ticket, you can sign up for the competitions, held during the event.


1. Purchase of tickets

Create an account or log in and order tickets for our events through our webshop. A confirmation mail will be send to you with the total amount of your order and payment info. Only tickets purchased in our webshop are valid. Tickets bought from other sources can be blacklisted or counterfeited. You will not be able to enter the event in that case.


By default an order stays valid for 14 days. If the order is not paid after 7 days, a reminder mail will be sent. If the order is still not paid after 14 days, it will be cancelled automatically and you can no longer claim the products. It is possible that these intervals are changed when an event is coming closer.


If you need an invoice of a purchase, please send an email to tickets@fom.be and mention the order number and the billing data. It is only possible to provide an invoice of a purchase if you request the invoice within 15 days after the purchase date.


2. Pay the tickets

For the moment we accept following payment methods:


Bank Transfer

IBAN: BE29 7340 1420 6364



Account holder:



Postal code: 3130


Country: BELGIUM



Use the ‘pay now’ button, visible after placing the order or when viewing the orders in your personal menu. Details about these payment methods can be found on the order overview which will be sent to you after you placed your order through our webshop.

If you use the provided PayPal button at the end of the order process or on the information page of your order to complete your purchase, the tickets will be generated automatically. Otherwise it can take a couple of hours before we can process the payment.

Same goes for payments through bank transfer: normally we receive the payments after a couple of days due to processing time of the banks involved. When we've received the payment and processed it, you will receive a notification and the tickets will be made available.

Once we've received a full payment for the order of your tickets, your tickets will be sent to you automatically. At each time you can also consult and print your tickets through our website.


3a. Assign the tickets

Before you can check-in a ticket at our event, the ticket should be assigned to someone.

By default, the first ticket you buy for an event is assigned to you, so if you only bought 1 ticket for an event and you tend to use it yourself, you don't have to assign it.

In the case that you bought multiple tickets, you should assign these tickets.

The person who bought the ticket can assign it to someone else through our website: http://www.fom.be/users/tickets.

A couple of regulations here:

  • each ticket may only be assigned once

  • each person can only have 1 ticket assigned to him or her for each event

If you want to assign your ticket to someone else, mail tickets@fom.be


3b. Reserve a seat

Before you can check-in at our event you also have to reserve a seat for your ticket, unless you have a special sponsor, press or crew ticket. You can reserve a seat as buyer or as owner, the ticket doesn't have to be assigned yet.


Seatmap info

  • White seats are empty and still available.

  • Hatched seats are locked until a seat next to it is taken. This rule is an effort to avoid too many unused individual seats.

  • Colored seats are taken, click on the seat to find out who has reserved the seat. Seats with the same color are taken by people of the same clan.

  • Seats with a cross or “x” are disabled, they may be enabled later when enough tickets are sold, or they may be disabled due to other technical or practical reasons.

Click on the available seat of your choice and a popup window will show any tickets for which you can reserve a seat. Select the ticket for which you want to reserve the seat. A mail will be send to the ticket owner after finishing this process and the seatmap will be updated.


How to reserve a group of seats for a team

If you have a team or clan and you want to have seats next to each other then the easiest way is to put your clan or team leader in charge of the ticket purchasing process for the entire group. He or she can order and pay all the necessary tickets at the same time and select seats next to each other. A seat can be reserved immediately by the buyer (the clan or team leader) after the payment has been accepted even before it is assigned to an owner (the individual group member). In this way the group members don’t have to do anything else than to register on the website before the event with a valid e-mail account and print their ticket which is send to them by mail. If you are a member of a team where everyone buys their own ticket, then it’s best to wait until every member has completed their order before you reserve your seats.


Changing seats

If you made an error during your seat reservation then please click on your seat and use the button on the left side to cancel your seat reservation. You will then be able to reserve a different available seat. If you are the owner of several tickets, than you will see another button where you can swap seats. This can be useful for clan leaders who manage the tickets and seats for a whole clan.

If you need assistance or if you have questions, then please send a mail to our seatmap admins, seatmap@fom.be, containing all the necessary information. Also please keep in mind that the admins may not be available anymore in the last week before the event.


4. Check-in

To be able to check-in with your event ticket, there are a couple of things you should bring:

  • A printed version of your valid Frag-o-Matic ticket. A ticket is considered valid if it is assigned to someone and it isn't checked in yet. Make sure that you have reserved a seat before you come to the event. Please show the printed version of the ticket at the entrance. An image on a smartphone is not scannable with the barcode readers. In this case you will have to check in through the service-lane, which has a waiting time depending on the length of the queue of that moment. The printed version of your ticket gives you the fastest check-in possible.

  • The owner of a ticket should be able to show a photo-ID or passport. This will be used to verify whether the person is in fact the person to which the ticket is assigned.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.