Frag-o-Matic 25.1



6/09 - 8/09




Oktoberhallen Wieze
Schrovestraat 22A
9280 Wieze


Grotere kaart weergeven



Public transportation

You take the train or bus to Aalst.
When arriving in the city of Aalst you take the bus called Number 9 towards: Lebbeke - Dendermonde - Sint-Niklaas.
After approx. 15 minutes you leave the bus at the busstop called 'Wieze Oktoberhallen'.

Another option is taking the train to the station of Dendermonde.
From that station you can take a bus with the same number as described above (though it will have the other direction mentioned: Sint-Niklaas - Dendermonde - Lebbeke).


By car

From Antwerp

  1. You take the exit on the E17, number 12 towards Lokeren
  2. When leaving the highway you follow the N47 towards Dendermonde
  3. Keep going straight ahead after the first and second roundabout (stay on the direction to Dendermonde)
  4. At the 3rd roundabout you take the first exit on the right towards Dendermonde
  5. You will drive over a bridge, at the end of the bridge you take the road on the right side
  6. Keep driving straight ahead (in the direction of the station)
  7. You will arrive at an other roundabout, again you go straight ahead (2nd exit to the right)
  8. Make a sharp turn to the left and afterwards turn right (keep the river at your right side)
  9. You will drive over a railroad and you follow the direction called Lebbeke - Aalst
  10. When arriving in Wieze you follow the arrows toward the Oktoberhallen

From Ghent and Brussels

  1. When driving on the highway E40 you take the exit 19 Aalst
  2. After you left the highway you follow the N41 to Dendermonde
  3. Keep driving on the right side of the bridge and turn right (to Dendermonde)
  4. At the end of the bridge you turn right and keeping straight ahead to Dendermonde
  5. After arriving in Gijzegem you follow Herdersem-Wieze
  6. Go over the bridge and turn left at the end of the bridge
  7. Then you drive until arriving at the church, there you turn right
  8. Follow this road for approx. 250m
  9. You will notice the Oktoberhallen on your left side

Source: http://www.oktoberhallen.be/Routeplan.aspx