Frag-o-Matic 25.0



16/02 - 18/02



General Rules

Respect: The most important for us is having respect for each other. With this we mean that you have to respect both your opponent and the compo admin(s). If you are behaving in an unfriendly way towards another contestant/crewmember/visitor/… you could have yourself suspended by the fom-crew or the compo admin that was in charge.

Fairplay: Whoever is proud of their hobby will show that in their game! Because of that we expect that everyone is honest and helpful to each other at all times. In honesty we mean not just fair play but also no giving out false information to the admin or your opponent.

Discipline: To make sure infinite discussions don’t happen we chose the following rule: the admin has the final say in a decision.

If you feel that you have been treated in an unfair way you can always ask the head of the compo-department. You’ll be able to ask who this is from any crew member. He/she has the final say!

Entering: You are to be available during the whole lan and also keep yourself to the general rules of FOM.



Early sign-ups: You’ll be able to sign up your team for compos before the event starts. The start and end time of the sign-ups can be found at the compo pages and in a newspost.

  • To sign your team up for a compo you have to have enough players in your team to compete. (example: 5v5 compo -> min. 5 players and 1v1 compo -> min. 1 player)
  • Every player has to fill in the requested details of the compo in which he is competing.
  • Sign-up = accepting the rules

End of sign-ups: The compo admin or the FOM-organisation can decline your team for a compo due to the following reasons:

  • Your team has too few players.
  • Your team did not fill in the required details (or not all of them).
  • A player has a history of cheating.
  • A player isn’t allowed on FOM.
  • If there are any irregularities in the apply.
  • Because the limit of the amount of teams is reached.
  • Because you were too late or the limit of people allowed at FOM has been reached.



  • Cheating: Any form of cheating/bug abuse/scripts or any illegal form which puts a player in a better position in the game. The player will be removed from all compos and the team that he/she was a part of will be forfeiting all their already played games. They can however continue on playing with the rest of the team. If this exclusion happens during a bracket phase, the whole team will be denied any further games in that compo.
  • Play in more compos, is this possible? Yes but only if both of the Grand Compo admins agree on this (no permission needed for Normal / Fast compos). Next to this we assume that you'll play your matches within the given period (see schedule). So when two games have to be played in a certain period and you can't combine it, you'll need to choose a compo and thus forfait the rest of the other compo. Too late = forfait 
  • Schedule: To make sure the compo will run just fine we need to make a schedule. The schedule will be released before the LAN and has to be followed strictly. The schedule can be changed during the LAN. If you are too late without telling an admin, your match will be forfeited in the opposing team’s favor.
  • Acceptable excuses for a delay:
    • Computer issues
    • Issues created by FOM
  • Non-acceptable excuses for a delay:
    • “We are eating”
    • “Our 5th player went home to get some sleep and thus he is not here right now.”
  • When both teams are too late for the match, the match will be turned into a zero. In this situation, no team will get points or continue on to the next round.
  • Compo rules: The admin or the FOM organisation can change the rules at any given time without notice. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain (TC) to keep an eye on these.
  • Prizes: To claim their prize, the winner(s) must be present at the prize ceremony.



Match conflict: When you feel like there has been some foul play or you notice a wrong score, you have to instantly contact the compo admin.

After your match you have 10 minutes to fill in a conflict with additional information. With additional information we mean that you have proof of cheating/foul play. Any conflict without enough additional information will be deleted.

Match conflict procedure: After a conflict has been filed, the admin will check the proof and/or find more proof. If you do any kind of manipulation/bribing, you will be removed from the tournament.

The admin will make a decision as soon as possible. This decision can only be overruled by the head of the compo department, who has to be called in before 5 minutes after the decision has been made. The decision made by the head of the compo department is final.


End of compo and stage

End of compo: At the end of the compo, all players who have ranked #1, #2 and #3 have to head over to the compo desk. At the desk they will fill in the following details in order to hand out prizes:

  • First / last name
  • Nationality
  • Team
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Bank account number (if there is prize money)
  • Signature to show that they have received their prize.

Stage: There is nothing more fun than to be on stage. We do however wish that you take the following things into account:

  • No regional flags (Flemish lion etc, country flags are allowed)
  • No t-shirts or clothing that are ment for racist abuse (certain lines and/or people)
  • No improper or disrespectful language or behaviour
  • No indecent appearance for the picture ;)


The Dutch version of the rules are decisive rules