Frag-o-Matic 25.0



16/02 - 18/02




Frag-o-Matic is a serie of gaming festivals that are taking place at least two times a year by organising the biggest Belgian gaming event. During our event each participant brings his own PC or laptop with him to activate it on the Frag-o-Matic network. Through this network multiple gaming competitions are organised, most of the time sponsored with great prize packages. Next to these competitions there are many other activities taking place and each event has his own theme, creating a unique atmosphere.

Next to all of our gaming competitions the social aspect of the event, meeting other gamers, is one of the reasons not to miss an event like this! At Frag-o-Matic it's all about the gamers, each gender or age where you can have the greatest time of your life a whole weekend long without worrying about the outside world. Frag-o-Matic is an institute in the Belgian gaming world and since it starts back in 1999 it has been a permanent part of the Belgian gamers calendar.

Information about our upcoming event can be found here.

The version number means the year and the follow number of the event for that year. FoM 15.1 is the second event of the 15th year FoM is hosting a lanparty.

In the past 15 years Frag-o-Matic organized 34 LAN events incl this edition for a total of 25.000 participants and with more than €300.000 of prizes divided by the many gaming competitions.

In the starting years of Frag-o-Matic the event was all about technology: gaming through a superfast network, extreme PC builds, and an ongoing battle to have the fastest and the best computer. Currently FoM is all about the social aspect of gaming in all its aspects and of course the competitive rivalry between the many gaming teams of Belgium and its neighbour countries.