Frag-o-Matic 25.0



16/02 - 18/02



GRAND - Valorant (5 vs. 5)


Vergeet zeker niet de rulebook eens door te lezen!

Indien er vragen zijn tijdens de compo kan je terecht bij Sharon(SharonnAkaSherr) zit lekker bij de compo desk!

FoM will return for FoM 25.0

FoM will return for FoM 25.0

Frag-o-Matic 24.1 animation schedule

Frag-o-Matic 24.1 animation schedule

Grand Compos Prize Pool Starts at €1000!

Grand Compos Prize Pool Starts at €1000!

FoM will return for FoM 25.0

Frag-o-Matic will return from 17th – 19th February 2024 for the winter edition! So put on your winter coat, bring your computer and get warm at FoM ...

Frag-o-Matic 24.1 animation schedule

Our animation team prepared some exciting competitions! Check out the schedule down below.

Grand Compos Prize Pool Starts at €1000!

Hey Gamers!   We're thrilled to announce that this edition Grand Compos are starting with a bang — a prize pool of a whopping €1000!   But wait, there's a ...

Checklist Frag-o-Matic 24.1

Check-in: Frag-o-Matic 24.1 starts September 1st 2023 at 18:00. After opening the doors it’s time to check-in. To go through this proces as smooth as possible please keep ...

Hottest LAN Party of the Year!

🌞🎮 Get Ready for the Hottest LAN Party of the Year! 🎉🔥 🏖️🌴 F Frag-o-Matic: Summer Edition is Here! 🌞🍉   We're thrilled to announce the theme for this year's ...

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First Place 


  • 500 €


Second Place


  • 300 €


Third Place


  • 200 €


  • Not following the tournament rules mentioned on this page could lead to disqualification from the tournament!
  • There has to be a minimum off 4 teams in order for the compo to start.
  • It is not allowed to play 2 Grand compos, if you do play 2 compos you have to forfeit 1.



2.1) Match Format

  • This tournament is a 5v5 | Double Elimination.
  • A maximum of 64 teams will be added and a minimum 4 per bracket.
  • All matches are a Best of 1 ( BO1 ) until the semi-final these will be BO3.(can change during the lan)
  • Substitutes are NOT allowed unless agreed by BOTH teams. A maximum of 1 ( one ) substitute can be used in that case.

2.2) Tournament Rules

VALORANT has some bugs, exploits and glitches, most of which are being fixed routinely. Most of these exploits pertain to certain agents and abilities and while all agents will be available, KNOWN exploits and glitches will be banned. As a rule of thumb, any ability that is invisible, invulnerable, silent (when it should make an audio queue) or glitched out/into the map are considered exploits.

  • All agents are allowed.

2.3) Map Pool

The following maps are In the current map pool: Fracture, Haven, Split, Ascent, Bind, Pearl and Lotus.
The ban procedure will go as follows:

  • Team 1 bans 2 map.
  • Team 2 bans 2 map.
  • Team 1 bans 1 map.
  • Team 2 bans 1 map.
  • Team 1 chooses the starting side.

2.4) Lobby Settings


2.5) Timeouts & Disconnects

Technical Timeouts will only be used for Disconnects and/or serious technical issues with a player. If a technical timeout is used, the captain of the team MUST create a match ticket (in Discord inside the Valorant match ticket channel) to make our moderators and your opponents aware of the situation. Each team is also allowed 1 tactical timeout per map and 2 technical timeouts.

  • Tactical Timeout ( 1 available per map ): Lasts a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • Technical Timeout 1: Lasts a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Technical Timeout 2: Lasts a maximum of 5 minutes.
    If a team has used their available timeouts they will NOT be allowed another and will have to play the rest of the match 4v5 or depending on the situation, will automatically forfeit the match. NOTE: This decison WILL be made by the Moderator. Their say is final. Their decision will be based on the issue that is persisting.



  • Incase of any problems with entering the score, please create a match ticket in Discord inside the Valorant match ticket channel.
    Please make sure that you have your evidence ready (screenshots/videos) and are able to present it within 5 minutes once the ticket has been accepted by a moderator.
  • Incase there are issues with connecting to your opponents lobby, please create a match ticket in Discord inside the Valorant match ticket channel.


By participating in the tournament, you automatically agree to the above mentioned ruleset. Moderators will follow these rulles at all times.
Moderators reserve the right to disqualify any player for any infraction that occured. Their decision is final!
Should the tournament be classified as an official RIOT tournament, then RIOT Staff will be added to the above 2 notifications.

Teams not on schedule can be forced to forfeit by the compo admin.

Valorant Main Compo - Scheduling

Games will be scheduled to be played between 22:30 on Friday and 18:00 on Sunday.(Can change if needed or if you guys fast af we can do things faster.)
Be ready on the given server before the scheduled start time with all 5 players!


Poule BO1 round 1 22.45-00.00
Opening show 00.30-01.00
Poule BO1 round 2 01.00-02.00
Poule BO1 round 3 02.00-03.00


Upperbracket BO3 round 1 10.00-13.00
Upperbracket BO3 round 2 13.00-17.00
Upperbracket BO3 round 3 17.00-20.00
Upperbracket BO3 round 4 20.00-23.00
Upperbracket BO3 round 5 23.00-02.00
Lowerbracket BO1 round 2 13.00-14.30
Lowerbracket BO1 round 3a 17.00-18.30
Lowerbracket BO1 round 3b 18.30-20.00
Lowerbracket BO1 round 4a 20.00-21.30
Lowerbracket BO1 round 4b 21.30-23.00
Lowerbracket BO1 round 5a 23.00-00.30
Lowerbracket BO1 round 5b 00.30-02.00


Semi-final (BO3) 10.00-13.00
Grand final (BO3) 13.00-16.00

Due to lack of time, we have a tight schedule.
Make sure to sign up your team for the Valorant compo before the deadline.

After finishing the game, fill in your score IMMEDIATELY! The brackets will be automatically updated by the admins.