Frag-o-Matic 25.1



6/09 - 8/09



FUN - Formula1 (1 vs. 1)


The Frag-o-Matic F1 compo will be held on the racing setups provided by Red Bull in the middle of the hall.

In brief:

  • Time Trials between Friday 22:00 and Saturday 22:00
    • Registration will remain open until the end of the Trials!
  • Everyone can place best times as many times as they want within this period
  • Best times can be recorded on the Compo Desk (or the Discord Channel) by providing a screenshot of your time.
  • The best 4 times will advance to the Playoffs (on Sunday)

More details on the Rulebook tab.

Ticket sale FoM 23.0 opens July 2022

Ticket sale FoM 23.0 opens July 2022

Covid update

Covid update

Covid update

Covid update

Ticket sale FoM 23.0 opens July 2022

  The ticket sale for Frag-o-Matic 23.0 opens July 2022. More info coming soon!  

Covid update

We would have preferred to start the new year with some better news but unfortunately due to a lot of uncertainties we are forced to postpone Frag-o-Matic ...

Covid update

We know that you are waiting for it, just as much as we are, but at this moment it was just a little too early to gather again, as we would before.   We hope that the ...

Frag-o-Matic 22.1 cancelled

Due to the decisions and advice of the National Security Council regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to cancel the upcoming event “Frag-o-Matic 22.1”. We ...

Frag-o-Matic 21.0 sold out

The ticket stock for Frag-o-Matic 21.0 has been depleted. Did you miss out? You can always apply for our waiting list here: http://url.fom.be/waitinglist (since ...

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Best 4 teams of each poule will progress to the next round.

w: wars won | l: wars lost | d: draw wars | rw: rounds won | rl: rounds lost

Poule A

Standings W D L RW RL
1. Made 1n Belgium 9 0 0 9 0
2. micr0mat 8 0 1 8 1
3. Galaxy 7 0 2 7 2
4. Mikelele 6 0 3 6 3
5. Peskysander 5 0 4 5 4
6. BelgiumDailyDriver 4 0 5 4 5
7. Matterr 0 3 6 0 6
8. Sadfinder 0 3 6 0 6
9. CreatiXx 0 3 6 0 6
10. HyperHydroX 0 3 6 0 6

First Place 


  • 1x Goodiebag RedBull

  • 1x Razer Naga X Gaming Mouse


Second Place


  • 1x Sharkoon SGK5 - Keyboard


Third Place


  • 1x Sharkoon 1337 RGB V2 - 900 Gaming Muismat

Rulebook F1 Compo

1. General Rules

See → http://www.fom.be/contents/view/general-competition-rules


2. F1 General Rules

  1. Games will be played on one of the two provided racing simulator setups.

  2. Players do not need to own a copy of the game.

  3. As this is an experimental compo for us, it is possible some of these rules will change during the weekend. Communication if this happens will always be done via the Discord channel, so please make sure to join that and keep an eye on it.

    1. https://discord.com/channels/385755474601050132/1142143365043990528 

  4. Since we are using the setup provided by Red Bull, the Red Bull team cars will have to be selected.

3. Format

The competition consists of 2 phases:

  • The Time Trial phase, where players can try to set their best times during a set period.

  • The Playoff phase where the top four recorded participants will face off head-to-head.


The schedule can be found on the compo page on the website.

3.1 Time Trials

  • The time trials are open to all attendees who purchased a FoM seat. 

  • Signups for the compo will remain open until the Time Trial phase ends. This means players can sign up even after the time trials have started.

  • Each participant may attempt as many trials as they want. However, the use of the racing simulators should be distributed fairly.

    • If the admins notice that this is not happening, certain restrictions may be placed at any time.

  • The in-game Time Trial mode will be used, using the Silverstone (UK) circuit.

  • After placing a personal best time, you must take a screenshot (i.e. use your phone) and go to the compo desk to have it submitted.

    • Alternatively, you can post a screenshot in the discord channel. Admins will keep an eye on there to update our ranking as well.


3.2 Playoffs

  • The top four time trials will continue to a Single Elimination bracket (1vs1).

  • Seeding will be based on the best time trials times.

  • The format will be a Best of Three Time Trials. 

    • Only 1 chance of placing a best time, and the previous best times do not count anymore.

    • Both players will be play at the same time

  • The circuits will be:

    • First Round: Zandvoort (NL)

    • Second Round: Spa (BE)

    • Third (Decider) Round: Saudi Arabia

  • Whoever finishes with the fastest best time will win the circuit. Whoever wins two circuits, wins the match.


4. Settings

Normally, the settings are configured correctly on both racing seats. If you opt to change them (to make it more difficult), please make sure to change them back once you are done.

4.1 Assist Restrictions

These are the maximum restrictions that may be set. Participants are free to choose to have more difficult assist settings.


Driving Proficiency: Amateur

Gearbox: Automatic

Steering Assist: Off

Pit Assist: On

Braking Assist: Medium

Pit Release Assist: On

Anti-Lock Brakes: On

ERS Assist: On

Traction Control: Full

DRS Assist: On

Dynamic Racing Line: Full

Force cockpit camera: Off


4.2 Game Settings


  • Simulation Settings:


Equal Car Performance: On

Pit Lane Tyre Sim: On

Recovery Mode: None

Unsafe Pit Release: On

Surface Type: Realistic

Car Damage: Off

Low Fuel Mode: Easy

Car Damage Rate: Reduced

Race Starts: Assisted

Collisions: On

Tyre Temperature: Surface & Carcass

Off for First Lap Only: Enabled

Off for Griefing: Enabled



Again, these are the maximum restrictions that may be set. Participants are free to choose to have more difficult simulation settings.


Time Trials


Friday 22:00
Start time trials

Saturday 22:00
End time trials




On Sunday

Round of 4:

Match 1: 10:00

Match 2: 11:00

Finals: 12:30