Frag-o-Matic 25.1



6/09 - 8/09



NORMAL - Teamfight Tactics (1 vs. 1)

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Discord will be our main channel of communication. Be sure to join it at https://discord.gg/8SfUy36 and change your nickname to your FOM.be username.


Frag-o-Matic is a serie of gaming festivals that are taking place at least two times a year by organising the biggest Belgian gaming event. During our event each participant brings his own PC or laptop with him to activate it on the Frag-o-Matic network. Through this network multiple gaming competitions are organised, most of the time sponsored with great prize packages. Next to these competitions there are many other activities taking place and each event has his own theme, creating a unique atmosphere.




Be sure to read the general rules found here and the game specific rules found under the ‘Rulebook’ tab at the top op the page.




The schedule can be found by pressing the ‘Schedule’  tab at the top of the page.




Still have questions? Contact the tournament admin or visit the compo-desk on site.

Big Thank You

Big Thank You

LAN PC setup rental

LAN PC setup rental

XXL Nutrition Game-On

XXL Nutrition Game-On

Big Thank You

🎉 A Big Thank You to Our Amazing Community! 🎉   We just wrapped up an incredible event, all thanks to you! Your enthusiasm and positive vibes have been the heartbeat ...

LAN PC setup rental

🎉 LAN party fam! We’ve got a hot deal dropping tonight at 20:00 sharp on our webshop. 🌐✨   Due to a last-minute cancellation, we’re bringing an exclusive opportunity ...

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Cooler Master x FoM 25.0

🌟 We're thrilled to announce the game-changing partnership for FoM 25.0 : Cooler Master, our biggest hardware sponsor yet! 🎉   They're seriously stepping up the game by ...

Sapphire - LoL TFT

Guess what? Sapphire is stepping up their game and setting the stakes HIGH for our upcoming LoL Team Fight Tactics Compo! Ready for this? 🎮🔥   🏆 FIRST PLACE PRIZE: A ...

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🥇 First Place


Sapphire PURE AMD Radeon™ RX 7700 XT 12GB

Sapphire Cap



🥈 Second Place


Sharkoon SGK5 keyboard

Sharkoon VS9 Black midi tower behuizing



🥉 Third Place


Sharkoon SGK5 keyboard


League of Legends: TFT Compo - Rulebook FoM 24.1

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1. General rules

  • Be sure to read the general rulebook. These are the main rules of Frag-o-Matic and should always be respected.

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2 - Competition rules

2.1 - Compo Overview

  • Title: League of Legends TFT
  • Size: Fast
  • Max teams: 64
  • Game type: 1 vs All

2.2 - Sign In

  • Sign in will close: Saturday at 14:00
  • Tournament will start: Saturday at 15:00
  • Every player must add their League of Legends summoner name, seat number and clan tag to the team description!
  • Additional every contestant must join our Discord Server and change their nickname to their nickname on the FOM website.
  • There can only be one player per team.

2.3 - Compo Rules

  • Game Settings:
    • Game Type: Normal
    • The player with the highest seed (top of stage) creates the lobby
  • Point distribution:
    • If you end up first, you get 10 points. 2nd = 8, 3rd = 6, 4th = 5, 5th = 4, 6th = 3, 7th = 2, the last player gets one point.
    • If there would be an incomplete lobby. Points will still follow the game flow. This meaning that if a random gets first place, the person in second still gets the points of being second.
    • Position is based on the position in the post-game lobby.
  • Schedule Problems:
    • teams
    • The schedule must be followed. A game has to start within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time. People that fail to check-in are automatically forfeited.
    • Take a screenshot of everyone in the game lobby with the correct name and password and if possible invites to the opposing players. Contact the compo admin as soon as you have this screenshot.
  • Spectators:
    • Spectators are allowed only if both teams agree to it.
    • Only invite spectators you trust. Once a game has started protests against spectators will no longer be allowed.
    • Admins or people assigned by an admin, like shout casters, are allowed to spectate any match. It can’t be refused to invite an admin or someone assigned by an admin.
  • Cheats:
    • Any actions, that results in an unfair advantage, are illegal.
    • This includes bug abuse of any kind.
  • Post game:
    • Take a screenshot of the lobby. Be sure to make it a full screen-screenshot so the time on your desktop is included.
    • Screenshot are mandatory if you finish first/second and have to be send to one of the compo admins on Discord.
  • Contacting the Compo Admin:
    • Ask questions in the LoL channel on our Discord server.
    • You can contact the admin in game via their summoner name listed below.
    • If you can't contact the admin online, visit the compo desk.

2.4 - Compo Structure

  • Groupstages: FFA (3 rounds) (64 players)
  • Groupstages: FFA (3 rounds) (16 players)
  • Finals: FFA (multiple  rounds) (8 players)

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2.5 - Finals

You play lobbys till someone with 21 points or more get a first place and wins the tournament . When that happened the finals is over and the ranking wil be determined with the total points you got . In case of a tiebreakers we use the last game as tiebreaker ( This is subject to change)


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3 - Admin Details

Discord will be our main channel for communication. Please join it. https://discord.gg/BmAubhk

League of Legends: TFT Compo - Timetable FoM 24.1

Groupstage 1: FFA (3 rounds)

Round 1: Saturday 16:00

Round 2: Saturday 17:15

Round 3: Saturday 18:30

Groupstage 2: FFA (3 rounds)

Round 1: Saturday 22:00

Round 2: Saturday 23:00

Round 3: Saturday 24:00

Groupstage 3: FFA (3 rounds)

Round 1: Sunday 10:00

Round 2: Sunday 11:00

Round 3: Sunday 12:00

Players not on schedule can be forced to forfeit by the compo admin.