Frag-o-Matic 25.0



16/02 - 18/02



Dart - Noctua Steps Up as Sponsor




Darts Enthusiasts: Noctua Steps Up as Sponsor! 🎯


We're thrilled to announce that Noctua, the acclaimed manufacturer of premium cooling components, is sponsoring our upcoming darts competition! Known for their commitment to quality, performance, and quiet operation, Noctua is offering some of their finest products as prizes for the top competitors.


Prizes that Cool Your Competition! 💨


Prepare your darts and aim for the bullseye because the rewards are more than worth the challenge:


  • 1st Place: The NH-U12A chromax.black – Noctua's flagship model, offering unmatched cooling performance in a sleek, all-black design. 🥇
  • 2nd Place: The NH-U12S chromax.black – A slim, highly compatible cooler that does not compromise on performance, dressed in an elegant black finish. 🥈
  • 3rd Place: The NH-D9L chromax.black – A compact dual tower cooler, perfect for smaller systems, providing excellent cooling and a touch of class in black. 🥉


Designed in Austria, Noctua's premium cooling components are internationally renowned for their superb quietness, exceptional performance, and thoroughgoing quality. Having received more than 6000 awards and recommendations from leading hardware websites and magazines, Noctua's fans and heat sinks are chosen by more than a hundred thousand satisfied customers around the globe. 🌍


So, sharpen your darts, get your game face on, and join us for an event filled with excitement, precision, and the chance to win some incredible prizes. We're looking forward to seeing who will cool the competition and emerge victorious with these top-notch Noctua coolers! 🎉

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