Frag-o-Matic 24.1



01/09 - 03/09



Seatmap open now!




If you purchased a ticket for Frag-o-Matic 24.1 and your payment has been received by us, it is possible to select a seat on the seatmap. Click here or on the icon ‘seats’ in the ‘quicklinks’ area on our homepage to view the seatmap.


Choose your seat by clicking on a white seat on the seatmap.
When a white seat is reserved, the locked seats next to the white seat will open and become available for the rest of your team (the shaded seats are blocked for selection).
The crossed through seats are reserved for groups who purchased more than 5 tickets. 


Seatmap reservations are still possible for groups who purchased more than 5 tickets.
To reserve seats send an e-mail to seatmap@fom.be including the following information:
• Clan name
• Number of seats you wish to reserve
• Which seats you want to reserve with correct seatnumber (you can find seatnumbers on our seatmap)
• Optional: Which players you want to seat on which seat


If your seat is reserved it doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be your final location. A seatmap admin can still move the seat and assign you another seat.
It is common that towards the start of Frag-o-Matic seats are moved to prevent empty seats on the seatmap and to make sure that all seats are properly filled in.
A seatmap admin will make sure players from the same clan are seated together. That is why it’s important to keep your clan on your profile updated.


VIP-ticket holders will be contacted by the VIP-manager to choose a place in the VIP area. Who paid first gets to choose their seats first. Please contact vip@fom.be with questions regarding the VIP-seatmap. 

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